Guide to Buying Cheap New Balance Sneakers

Bienvenid@s to a new Guide: ‘buy cheap in 2017 New Balance Shoes’!

The prestigious brand of sneakers New Balance has become one of the brands most requested by buyers, but how to choose the best model for you?

We have carried out an investigation of 20 hours, comparing and analyzing 35 products on the market and we have selected the 5 best sneakers New Balance cheap for you.

In this handy guide, we offer valuable 2 paragraphs that will help you make the best decision:

  1. The best New Balance running shoes, cheap 2017
  2. What keep in mind when buying a New Balance sneaker

We have chosen 5 models, but if you want to take a look at all our catalog, we recommend that you give a look at the largest sports fashion sector stores: Amazon, Zalendo and Wiggle:

1. the best New Balance running shoes, cheap 2017

Then we offer you a list that includes 5 best sneakers New Balance cheap 2017, shoes with best value for money on the market.

5 New Balance Mt1210

These beautiful New Balance shoes are synonymous with quality, synonymous with good price. This model of athletic shoes are especially indicated for men who seek an affordable price and a comfortable shoe for running and walking and for use in day to day.

The design of these shoes is cheerful, multi-coloured sneakers that look colors such as blue, red and yellow. This model features fabric lining, while the outer material is synthetic. They have lace-up closure, from blue to match the main color of the shoes.

These shoes have a very strong and durable faux leather sole. The sole of these shoes EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) gives a great lightness in weight and an important strength, allowing to enjoy them for many years giving them proper care.

These shoes provide good cushioning, so they are ideal for people with weights over 80 kilos of weight. Its flat heel has a height of 2’5 cm. They are stable, comfortable and perfect slippers to use them for hours and hours without discomfort or pain.

They offer a good grip of the foot on each tread, as well as a good grip on the ground, preventing slip and offering great grab on virtually any terrain. These shoes bring on any surface and provide a very good suspension.

These shoes are stamped letters of the mark in several areas on the tongue and heel. Manufacturing materials are tough, sturdy and durable sneakers that have been especially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding runners.

Its perfect finish, coupled with its high quality of materials, its modern and colorful design, as well as great comfort they offer, make these shoes New Balance a interesting proposals that if you want quality but without spending too much money to get a good model. A safe bet.


  • These shoes are perfect in every way. They adapt perfectly to the foot, guaranteeing an excellent subject. They offer a good shock absorption and good grip in virtually all types of terrains and surfaces. They are comfortable, light, lightweight, resistant and durable. Excellent value for money.


  • It is not a good proposal for land that are too technical (such as for example wet rock). The lateral stability of the slippers is scarce. The tongue is rather short.

Good shoes for walking or running in a multitude of surfaces and terrains. Quality, comfort, strength and design at low prices. Not ask more to these sneakers New Balance cheap. A really interesting proposal, both for yourself as a gift to a loved one.

Very comfortable, with good cushioning, pleasant to the touch, the sole clings perfectly to all lands. A good buy.

4 New Balance Classics Traditionnels

Available in several bright colors and cheerful, these beautiful sneakers New Balance are made of lining fabric and synthetic outer material. The sole of the shoe material is also made of synthetic material, highly resistant and durable, as well as non-slip.

They feature a lace-up closure. They are very comfortable slippers for use both in everyday and jogging. They adapted perfectly to the foot, offering a superb grip. Its grip to virtually any type of terrain makes them a great option.

It is a very comfortable model, these shoes can be used for hours and hours without feet resent or are sore. These shoes have been specially designed to ensure maximum comfort during your workouts or running, or simply walking.

These New Balance mens sneakers, these shoes fulfil its function perfectly. They combine perfectly with any kind of outfit, from jeans to Bermuda, so you are not only ideal for outdoor sport or go to the gym, but also to use in every day.

Construction materials are of a high quality, guaranteeing a great resistance and durability in time, perfect finish and sturdy stitching sneakers. Despite its simple design, these shoes are beautiful and look perfect in any occasion and for any style.

A very lightweight and breathable model, a shoe that do not bear feet and which allows to enjoy them without charges or tiredness. These shoes feature the famous N of the brand on the sides, as well as the full name of the brand on the tongue and the inside of the shoe.


  • These shoes have a simple design that marries perfectly with any style and clothing. They offer great comfort, lightness, resistance and durability. They are perfect to use in almost any type of terrain and for any occasion (run, walk, or use every day). They are ideal for the summer months.


  • Very breathable sneakers due to their tissue type are mesh, so that in the winter months you can go cold with them. The last is somewhat narrow, so it is possible that during the first days they are until they conform rather narrow. Non-waterproof shoes.

These beautiful slippers are presented as an interesting proposal if in search of quality, price and design. They perfectly meet the expectations expected, so they are a perfect shoe.

Light and comfortable slippers. Suitable for daily use, to run or the gym. A simple but very beautiful style that blends with any attire. A purchase that you won’t regret it.

3 New Balance WL574 B

These beautiful and colorful running shoes Womens New Balance brand are really attractive for women who know what they want. These shoes are designed especially for women who seek high quality at an attractive price sneakers.

Outside material of these shoes is manufactured in skin, while its coating is textile. Manufacture of the sole material is rubber, a material that gives it great resistance, durability, as well as a perfect grip on virtually any surface or terrain.

These sneakers are light, lightweight, breathable, non-slip and very comfortable to use on day to day without problems, either for exercise or sport at open air or gym, or to dress every day. They blend perfectly with any kind of clothing.

The closure of these shoes is laced. Available in various colors, these flat heeled shoes have both on the tongue as the area of the heel print brand name. They are not waterproof, so that on rainy days may enter water in its interior.

There is no doubt that the design of these shoes is spectacular, a cheerful, colorful design and perfect finish and with a very good finish. These shoes are a great proposal if you need shoes that offer you comfort, design, quality and price.

This model is easy to clean, so it allows quick and easy cleaning in order to always enjoy a perfect sneaker conditions at all times. This model of New Balance shoes have a close fit that fits and molds to your feet completely.

They ensure a perfect grip of the feet, sneakers that make for a great grip in many lands and surfaces. They offer a really interesting value for demanding women. A safe bet.


  • These shoes are specially designed for women looking for style, quality and price. They are a shoe very comfortable, light, breathable, durable and with a perfect finish. Married perfectly with any style or dress, being perfect for use on any occasion. Ideal for summer.


  • These shoes are not waterproof, so water can enter inside on rainy days. The size is smaller than normal, so that it is recommended to choose one number more to make them perfect. They are not suitable for very technical surfaces.

These shoes are ideal for women who seek some athletic shoes with good value for money and a nice design. They are very comfortable and resistant, so you can use them for hours and hours without problems, both in your day to day to make sport. They perfectly comply with their function. A safe bet.

They are super comfortable and the colors are beautiful. The product fits the expectations. A great buy.

2 New Balance Classics Traditionnels

These mens New Balance sneakers, available in various colors, are made with synthetic outer material and textile lining. The sole material is manufactured in rubber EVA, a paste that gives it great strength and durability, in addition to being lightweight and slip.

These shoes have laces and flat heel closure. These shoes are really comfortable, ensuring great comfort and lightness during use, even after hours and hours with them on. These sneakers are perfect for your workouts or exercise as well as day to day.

These sneakers have stamped the brand name both on the tongue and heel. They adapted perfectly to feet, ensuring a perfect fit on each tread. They are perfect for use in practically any type of ground or surface.

These shoes offer great stability and motion control. The area of the heel is highly reinforced. These shoes insole is removable for quick and easy cleaning. They have a fabulous system of damping or too soft or too hard.

This model making materials are of a high quality, allowing you to enjoy lasting and resistant sneakers, sturdy stitching sneakers and a perfect finish. These 100% original shoes offer great value for money.

Its design is modern, a design, a design thinking to perfectly combine both for jerseys and jeans. These shoes are perfect for both summer and winter, since they are waterproof, preventing water from inside on rainy days.

The size that give these shoes is lower than usual. A perfect shoe to go to fashion and use at any time and occasion. They are suitable for going to the gym, walking, jogging or even to use in your day to day to wear, since they guarantee maximum comfort, even when you take many hours with them on.


  • Very nice shoes, high quality and with a very attractive price. They offer a great comfort in each tread, perfectly adjusting to the feet. They provide a perfect grip on virtually any surface. They are waterproof, lightweight, non-slip, resistant and sturdy stitching. Good product.


  • These shoes have a smaller size than usual, so it is recommended to purchase a shoe with a larger number so they are perfect and do not tighten too much. Their cost is slightly higher than other New Balance models.

Good buy. Very interesting shoes in every way. Resistant, comfortable, durable, good finishes, perfectly adjustable to feet, suitable for any surface and with care and nice design. They perfectly meet the anticipated expectations. A great buy for demanding runners who are looking for the best on the market at an attractive cost.

These shoes have a great quality and design. It is a product good and trendy. Tough and durable, a product designed for sports lovers. Great cheap New Balance sneakers.

1 New Balance M1080 D V5

These beautiful and striking mens running shoes are made of synthetic outer material. The sole material is rubber, material which ensures strength, durability and strength, withstanding intense and use continued by fans or lovers of the running.

Its closure is cords and design offers a vivid colors. The heel of the sole is flat, with a height of 2’5 centimeters and has hexagonal blocks which ensure a good grip to virtually any type of ground surface. Magnificent both cushioning for jogging and walking.

By having a wide shoe, these shoes are perfect for people with feet wide, allowing that the feet are much more comfortably. These high-performance sneakers allow satisfy all the needs of those brokers that do not exceed the 90 kilos of weights.

They support good rhythms of career, although they are not prepared for excessively high or technical rhythms at the professional level. They are slightly heavier than other models (307 grams), but its greater weight does not affect at all in the realization of long stretches or comfort or lightness.

They are a shoe with a perfect stability, good flexibility, comfort, excellent finishes, good support on virtually any surface and a high level of response. They are perfect for neutral runners who are looking for a shoe of high-level which does not neglect comfort and cushioning.

Thanks to its good cushioning, this model of shoes becomes an excellent proposal for those who are interested in acquiring a good shoe to make many kilometers on them either to avoid the possibility of becoming injured.

These shoes are perfect to get the different needs that the most demanding runners may have. Great value.


  • Beautiful and colorful sneakers with a modern and avant-garde design. Materials of high quality, resistant, durable, and with a good robustness. Excellent cushioning and perfect grip in almost any surface or terrain. Perfect finish. They offer great convenience for people with wide feet.


  • There are some basic help: the durability of parts of the sole event of biomechanical problems, as well as the excessive width for thin feet in the front area of the shoe. They are not recommended for users with more than 90 kilos. Their cost is slightly higher than other models.

A very interesting and recommended purchase in every way if you have the budget necessary to get them. Shoes comfortable, tough, durable, lightweight and with a great finish.

Great cushioning, great grip, comfortable and highly recommended for long stretches. Very good running shoes. Totally recommended.

2. what keep in mind when buying a New Balance sneaker

When purchasing New Balance sneakers cheap it is convenient to take into account some important aspects to avoid err in your choice:

  • Comfort: Comfort is essential in any sport shoe, so that it is essential that the chosen model will provide you great comfort in each tread, unless you damage or tighten too much toe, but offer a good grip.
  • Buffer: It is important to choose a shoe that has a good buffer, especially if your weight exceeds the 90 kilos, so can ensure that each tread is comfortable and effective in any ground or surface.
  • Number: normally, New Balance sneakers carved smaller, so it is important to check if you have to choose your interest in your same number model or you can choose one number more than usual. Thus you guarantee you they are perfect.
  • Durability: another point to consider is the durability. As it is evident, the sneakers made with good materials are that win in tough, robustness and durability, accompanying you during many more travels in perfect condition.

Shoes New Balance brand has managed to win great fame in the sector, but this fame shared with other prestigious brands:

  • Nike: The prestigious Nike brand is one of the main competitors of New Balance, and it is this brand stands as one of the most demanded by buyers thanks to their designs, sublime quality and attractive prices. A safe bet.
  • Adidas: there is no doubt that other quintessential brands is Adidas. This brand has always been characterized by offering high quality products, products with designs, perfect finish, comfortable and, of course, a good quality care.
  • Munich: Mark Munich has become one of the favorite brands by lovers of sports shoes, and it is no wonder, since their colorful designs together with the excellent quality of products made from these shoes an interesting proposal.
  • New Balance: this manufacturer of sports products has managed to win an important gap in the market internationally thanks to your shoes New Balance. With years in the sector, this brand brings together in its products quality, design and comfort.

If you wish to buy good cheap New Balance sneakers, whether they are for you or for a gift to a loved one, remember our proposals… surely that will meet your expectations!