Gray Pants Black or Brown Shoes

Grey is the color of male elegance. But what shoes styled with gray pants? The black and brown are always good? It also depends on the type of gray. Here’s our guide with 6 examples of combinations of gray trousers with black and brown shoes.

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Winter and summer pants gray, best to wear the black shoes or brown shoes? A question that until some time ago we would not have seats, but the gray is the classic color for masculine elegance excellence and is revisited every season with different combinations of new colors and designs of shoes. There are many ideas in the minds of those who propose the trends in men’s fashion , fashion designers ranging from beige to gray or white sneaker shoes, but the black and brown shoes are always two timeless classics to pair with our gray pants.

So it is best to choose shoes for a gray pants? It ‘it sa balancing act between the trouser model, the gradation of whether light or dark gray and the fabric, add to this the personal style. Therefore, here are  6 ideas easy step by step to decide how and when to opt for brown shoes or match the gray trousers with black shoes for the day and for the evening.

1) Here in the photo you see two perfect examples of elegance, gray trousers with black shoe for Ralph Lauren brown shoes for English Dhunill designer. They all work and two, one because he chose the monochrome dress, and the other because it breaks the gray with a jacket in shades of brown.

2) This however is the most suitable as the man who loves modern elegance, we always gray trousers, but the Ferragamo fashion designers Calvin Klein and aim to highlight the shoes.

3) There is always the question of the indoor ankle or not, is a matter of style and personal choice, there are those who loves fashion but is attentive to the style, here are two examples: between the pinstriped gray and brown boots and black lace-up with socks of the same color on demand.

4) But now we see why in this summer outfits the same designer who has Channels changes between brown and black shoes pants are always gray, but there is a difference in changing the fabric, this is the style detail.

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5) Here we have two solutions a popular winter and summer, suede shoes perfectly matched to the heavy trousers and Boglioli combining the blacks boots to summer gray pants. No one ever said that in the summer do not wear boots.

6) The evening dress, rule is that you choose a black shoe, but fashion has it that the evening dress is not just black as we reconcile these things? With this combination, stylish brown shoes with black detail combined with the gray tuxedo, but on one condition, no shirt and tie.