Google Takes Off Chest with The Huge Variety of Watches of The Catalog for Android Wear

What conform to a single model and design of intelligent clock when in Android Wear we have a wide variety supplied by companies such as Asus, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung or Sony? That seems to be the implied question in the new Google ad to promote its operating system for watches and the devices that use it.

For whom is not agreed, this is the extended version of the controversial ad on the variety of the ecosystem of Android watches Google launched just before the event that Apple introduced the Apple Watch, which as a result of the way in which you have doubled time Pebble sales since its launch does not appear to have started on the right foot.

But we can not say that is going to Android Wear wonder. The insistence with which Samsung is still committed by Tizen and eternal rumours about the possible clock with WebOS for LG, seem to reflect clearly the little confidence that the manufacturers have deposited even in Google’s mobile operating system.

Even so, the company of the search engine does not seem to be willing to give up so easily. Yesterday made echo of plans to make its first intelligent luxury watch at the hands of the Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer, and also learned that they have begun to reveal the first signs of Android Wear compatibility with iOS. Everything seems to indicate that we will have many new features on this system in the upcoming Google I/O.