Google Significantly Lowers The Price of The 360 Motorcycle in Google Play, at The Moment Only in USA

Although the smart watches still is a market with many things to be defined, the fact is that the smartwatches have been the devices responsible for encouraging a consumer electronics low hours after the bubble of tablets.

Android Wear has much to say on the expansion of wearable devices, and perhaps Google catalog star is this bike 360, which arrived last fall with the honors of being the most anticipated smart market watch.

These days and without making any noise, Google has cut the price of the bike 360 Google Play, but only in the United States, where Motorola clock It’s been cost $165, a price more attractive that we don’t know if it will be extended to other markets.

This new price will affect only the initial versions in leather, in black and grey, while the metal models keep their regular price.

It is not trivial that this sensitive reduction of price to a device that is as interesting as the bike 360 is produced of contemporary form at the beginning of the rumors about the future project Smelt of Motorola, supposedly the successor to the successful clock that would see the light in summer during the Google I/O 2015.

We will be attentive to the movements of Google and Motorola, especially to warn you if the expected reduction also occurs in the Google Store Play for Spain. At the moment, if you have doubts of its utility, here is our video analysis after a month of use: