Google Has Proposed For Android Wear Smartwatch Faces

Android Wear is Google’s proposal for new wearable devices. Adopted by many of the makers of smartwatches, it will have the task of working with Apple and the iOS version prepared for Watch.

This system has evolved in order to give users the requested features while maintaining the stability and versatility that awaited them.

Not focusing particularly on the applications for this system and its customization, now comes the first proposal of Google to customize the faces of these watches.

The Street Art watch face is the first proposal of Google regarding the customization of the smartwatches that are equipped by Android Wear.

The proposals in this field, made available by the various programmers dedicated to this specific area of this system, are already quite varied and have only recently been allowed by Google.

Google’s offer in this new field further extends this offer and gives users access to new clock faces. It’s a proposal based on the street art collection that Google has available on the Google Cultural Institute website.

They are minimalist watch faces based on works of art that various artists have created and that were chosen manually to complement what Android smartwatches already offer.

Using  Street Art watch face is simple for the user, needing to install it through the Play Store and then look for it in the list of watch faces available within the Android Wear application.

The Street Art watch face options  are minimal and ensure that the focus of the clock face is on the artwork, not the clock itself. They can choose the type of clock to be displayed (analog, digital or minimalist) and whether or not they want to present the date.

The presentation of the different clock faces is done automatically and randomly, not having access or control of the face to be shown. At each time period the user is shown a new work.

This new offer from Google gives Android Wear devices a much more complete offer in terms of clock faces. They are works of art by several artists, with different styles and very different works.

From the vast list of artists you will be able to find some that should be of your knowledge. We talk about  Mariana Dias Coutinho  and  Paulo Arraiano, two Portuguese artists who spread their art around the World!