Gold Trail, the Longest Hiking Trail of in Germany (Bavaria)

In this series we will introduce the most popular hiking routes of in Germany in the next few weeks. This time the Goldt dough in Bavaria!

The Gold Trail is one of the ten top trails in Germany and at the same time the longest and one of the most versatile hiking trails.

Gold Trail: The longest hiking route of in Germany

Since August 2007, the Gold Trail is one of the “quality because walkable Germany”. The gold trail runs on around 660 kilometers over three sections through the upper Palatine forest and Bavarian Forest – from Marktredwitz to Passau. What is special is the gold trail in two main routes accessible of longer, drawn by mountains north and going up to the sunny side of the Bavarian Forest South Variant. This is the longest Gold Trail, as well as one of the most beautiful hiking trails of in Germany. The new quality way meets all quality criteria in terms of surface, the natural attractiveness, the cultural attractions, as well as hiking control system.

On the road, numerous guest houses of “quality host walkable Germany” offer a comprehensive service for the hikers. The recording for a night, a hearty breakfast, lunches, regional cuisine, hiking information and luggage transport service are granted and provide additional comfort for the exploration of the gold platform.

Road markings on the gold trail

The main route of Goldt dough is characterized by a yellow wavy line. The trail is perfectly signposted, so you guaranteed does not run the risk of taking a wrong turn.

Because the gold trail leads not everywhere, but is accessible from many locations, numerous established skills. You do are equipped with the white-and blue logo, according to the Gold Trail signs and always lead to the main route.

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Characteristics of the gold platform:

In the upper Palatine forest/Marktredwitz begins or ends the gold trail. Is moved in the direction of Passau is the tour first through the stone forest, past the romantic castle ruins of Weißenstein, the “land of the thousand lakes” and through the deeply incised Waldnaab. After the gold rush town of Oberviechtach, there is gradually time to opt for one of the two variants of the way through the Bavarian Forest. Because the Gold Trail is divided according to the Prackendorfer and Kulzer Moss.

Coming from the North West in the upper Palatine forest, the Gold Trail is divided into two variants: the southern route runs through the beautiful mountain ranges of the middle of Bavarian Forest; the North route joins thousands on thousands of and runs through the National Park along the Czech border to the triple Chair and then on to Passau.

Southern route: 15 stages with 271.5 km in length:

Who embarks on the southern variant of the gold platform, wanders through a colorful change from shady forest trails and fresh Meadow trails, which always share the views of magnificent distant views. On particularly clear days the Alps from the Dachstein rises on the horizon to the Zugspitze. Check microedu for hiking sleeping bags.

In the sunny North and rising mixed forests of the forest of before can not wait the wanderlust: looking angle by Rusel in the Lallinger, look on the sunny side of the Bavarian Forest. The region boasts lush vegetation and a very early flowering. On this route the gold track also through the sunny forest leads to the mountain slopes of the “Brotjacklriegels”, to continue along the Ilz, also known as the “Black Pearl” to wind up after Passau.

One of the highlights of the route is the monastery, one of the most important monuments of the region in the Abbey of Reichenbach. Which invites you to a visit on the route between Mappach and Reichenbach/forest stream.

Northern route: 23 stages with 423 km

On the Northern variant, it embarks on a walk through the “green roof of Europe”, the largest contiguous forest landscape between the Atlantic and the Urals. The route leads directly to the thousands – Hohenbogen, Kaitersberg, Arber, Falkenstein, Rachel, Lusen and three armchairs. Some of the most beautiful Geotopes in Bavaria, as the Lusen block sea or the River Gorge are the Buchberger Leite on this route.

Undisputed: A landmark on the Northern variant of the gold platform is the core area of the National Park Bavarian Forest. In the border triangle opens the landscape to a wide view of the Danube valley and the Mühlviertel.

However, the Northern variant of strenuous climbs is drawn. The eight Summit or of thousands on this tour are: Mühlriegel (1080 m), Ödriegel (1156 m), black corner (1238 m), Reisch spotted Saddle (1126 m), Heugstatt (1261 m), gentian (1285 m), Kleiner Arber (1384 m) and Velký JAVOR (1453 m). Good shoes and a great deal of stamina should bring all lovers and lovers of the hikers, who go on the route of the gold platform.

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