Garmin Swim Watches

For runners and cyclists, the range in fitness trackers huge. But if you love to dive into the pool and want to see exactly how your swimming performance, so you have much less choice. Fitness Tracker Garmin Swim is an exception. It is one of the few active trackers that are made specifically for the pool. What can you precisely this sports watch?

What is a Fitness Watch?

A fitness watch is a device that can help you control your athletic performance. So you can easily measure your progress. It is also a good motivation to get active. Fitness watches come in all shapes and sizes. So you can choose the Garmin Swim, a special activity tracker for swimmers.

What is Garmin?

Garmin develops fitness watches, apps, navigation systems and other electronics. The company is known for different fitness trackers, which are specialized for certain sports. There is a tracker for cyclists, a golfer and also a swimmer.

Garmin Swim Watches

Garmin Swim watch is specifically designed for bathers much. As a sports watch defined on, fitness tracker can measure exactly how many strokes you make and what kind of stroke it. No navigation system in the unit, but still can measure it exactly when you go to the other side of a pool. When you specify in advance how many meters is the swimming pool, the Garmin Swim will do the rest automatically. While swimming, you can also just take a break. If you enter this on your sports watch, you can get a clearer idea of your level.

Detailed Report

When you swim you occasionally to see how it goes. There are so many different view statistics. How quickly did you, for example, about the job? How many strokes did you get started and what did you do? How many meters you have swum in total and how does it work in the past week? Where are improvements possible? All this information you can then upload to your computer. There is no cable needed.

Enhance Swimming

Just because you can see so very many details with the Garmin Swim watch, you can also see very well where you can improve yourself. This information is also when swimming, and so you can take immediate action to improve your technique and speed. This can work very motivating.

Long Battery Life

A major advantage of the Garmin Swim watch is the battery really lasts. Most people can do six months to a year with a sports watch. How quickly the battery is dependent on your own activities. The more you are in the pool, the faster the device, therefore, be exhausted.

Garmin Swim can also be Used For Other Sports?

If you want to hike, bike, or want to keep your performance in the gym on the Garmin Swim will be able to help. Activity Tracker is used only to track your performance while swimming.

Utseende Garmin Swim

Expect Garmin Swim wonderful accessories that you can not stay all day. Garmin Swim is a simple, black bracelet, which is specially made to fit tightly against the water. As your fitness tracker also helps only in the water, the look is also something of minor importance.

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