Garment for Autumn

When half the population seem to pursue fashion blogs appear to be trends suddenly as a totally abstract.Modejournalistiken of pointer and concepts like “this should you wear in the fall” feels joy enough total dated. However, there is still some uncertainty whether it goes to wear specific garments to fall without feeling 2006. Therefore, we have instead of solely focusing on this fall’s collections also chosen at look back one year to see the garments that have survived among fashion houses ‘ collections.

The Trench Coat
The trench coat has for several seasons has been described as a key piece of clothing and many wondering when this garment should be hung back into the closet. The trench coat is, however, no matter what fashion prophets might find a classic garment, perfect for fall and early spring.Although the trench coat on the catwalk often given space for single buttoned trench rain coats have their natural place in fashion. A garment that has survived two world wars can resist the Ebba von Sydow, at any time, without ever feeling dated. From left, Burberry ‘s autumn 2006, Aquascutum 2007 and Dior Homme 2007

Also here a sacred garment that Christmas Eve which teaches meeting a new Renaissance. Duffle appeared already in 2006 including Burberry and Cloak. The leap from catwalk to high street, however, is often quite large. Why teach it only now when Acne developed a duffel for its collection as the garment in earnest to reach a wider audience. To the left, Burberry’s autumn 2006 and autumn 2007 Acne.

The Chunky Knit Sweater
This is definitely a garment that survives and where it pays to bet on quality for several seasons. A shirt in finer wool merino and cashmere should be seen as an investment for life. From left, Thom Browne , 2006 2006 Pringle and Burberry Prosum 2007

The Tie claimed that the with the tie died when Karl Lagerfeld replaced her in several years mandatory tie to the benefit of a wider variant. Many will probably stick with the narrower tie. However, it feels like everything for extreme variants often tend to quickly feel pretty dated. An excellent example of that right does not at all need to be boring. From left, Viktor & Rolf fall 2007 and Luigi Borrelli 2007

The Short Pants
That Thom Brown effect with those short legs now seriously will get a foothold among street fashion. Right now, it appears clearly worth seeing the film This is England, who beautifully mirrors skinheadkulturen where perfectly folded jeans is a must. At the same time, a growing number of fashion designers chose to shorten their trousers. Many abhor it safe now, but the fact is that it is fairly easy way to give their pants a little more attitude. From left: Thom Browne’s autumn 2006 and You Must Create 2007

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