Fruit Juice Side Effects

The drink compotes market became successful which does not seem ready to stop.

Remember, it all started with applesauce nature reserved for children over 3 years.

This had a sympathetic side, the parents had the impression of offering a healthy alternative to their children watered Nutella and biscuits of all kinds at the time of the holy snack … under the cheerful eye of industrialists. Even though the compote did not rule out all these treats, it seemed better.

Now, we find it for babies and for adults … of all kinds.

Why Drinking Compotes?

No one wonders if these plastic bottles are safe for the little ones, no one is asking the question of recycling.

No one said that a child normally made up with his teeth could chew a fruit.

Nobody takes offense to pay such a price for a very small amount of product …

It’s so convenient! Finally, a so-called healthy snack that children swallow without flinching. Besides, organic manufacturers have done well.

We owe this discovery to Materne, in 1998, with his famous Pom’potes.

“1 gourd corresponds to 1 serving of recommended fruit per day”, the manufacturers are enchanted (I even left the spelling error …) and hasten to highlight this slogan, the accompanying parents and everyone there Finally finds his account!

It is true that it is tempting to please these children, it is funny to consume a compote of the kind, packaging is often playful, tastes more and more varied.

The disadvantages of drinking compotes

Except that…

  • I compared the price of compotes in “gourd” bio: up to 10 euros per kilo … against 3.50 euros per kilo compote organic apples bought in glass jar, about 7 euros per kilo jar of applesauce Baby glass.
  • I also watched carefully the composition of these snacks: the brands in supermarkets usually add the sugar and sometimes preservatives compote, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) but obviously there is no indication if it is to Natural origin … no comment.
  • I do not not believe the sauce replaces quite a fresh fruit, the glycemic index is much higher, much less the vitamins
  • Nothing reassuring about the safety of these gourds (not a word about the brand sites, just blah blah on the consumption of fruit), there is no longer on organic brands Sites (Evernat, Kalibio). I sent an e-mail to the Kalibio consumer department … I will tell you if they answer me
  • They represent waste that accumulate without possibility of recycling (I checked on the leading site in the matter Materne therefore, it is said to throw the bottle with the “conventional waste” which means not recycled. Worse : Some have to throw them in the plastic waste bins to recycle which hinders all the recycling of the bac concerned in the following
  •  Is that really 85 g of stewed potato enough to be a valid alternative to anything?

To consume nevertheless these famous gourds of compote

(Because I reassure you, my daughters consume it from time to time, although in Germany the price is enough to refresh the ideas: 1 euro compote no matter where you buy)

  • Materne has launched a recycling program for its beautiful gourds details can be found here . Collection is not restricted to branded products. Perfect, but who knows its existence? Oddly the manufacturer does not mention it on its packaging.
  • Check the composition of the products to buy compotes pure organic fruit (brand Evernat, Cool Fruit …)
  • No need to start when they are still babies, anyway, they have to learn to eat with a spoon and chewing, they just suck the neck of stewed gourdes (I avoid dwell on the size of Plastic plug for safety reasons, this plug is recycled but that of mess)
  • And the best: fill yourself a reusable water bottle. There are several on the market. Personally, I would prefer that of Beaba because it is made of silicone (good quality silicone is safe from particle migrations to food), even if it is produced in China and that remains the problem of the bottleneck, Plastic. I will test and tell you if my daughters appreciate (on lazy days, I plan to just pour a small amount of compote from a large glass jar).
  • It’s the apple season, is not it?

Here, we are less and less addicted. I buy more and more rarely and my daughters have forgotten the principle of compote to taste it. Instead, it’s a fruit salad.

What about you? What do you think?