Fontdeblanc Cosmetics

Today I come to tell you of some Botanicals that have been in use for several weeks and that practically I’m done, so I already have an opinion that formed about them.

It’s three products of the same line, the Facial Skin Miracle of Fontdeblanc Cosmetics and which are formulated based on extracts and active principles natural and suitable for stressed and fatigued skin. They promise a luminous, velvety more youthful appearance of the skin and also promise to reduce the accumulated fatigue and reduce fine lines. Are we going to see whether they meet their promises?

Vital Facial Serum Skin Fluid Miracle Instant Active Regenerating Treatment

It’s a facial serum. Its main components are the soy protein (provides the skin with minerals, amino acids and peptides, is regenerating, revitalizing and dynamizing water and nutritious), marine elastin (increases the elasticity and toning, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing), horse chestnut(provides water, minerals, and nutrients to the skin while toning and improves blood circulation), Witch Hazel (tones and reaffirms, frotalece blood capliares and drains the area in which it applies) , myrtilus (improves the circulation of blood, antioxidant and rejuvenating), horsetail (remineralizing, astringent, firming and restructuring), organic silicon (regenerates the elastic fibers),hydrolyzed wheat protein (effect) and marine collagen (playing a major role in the structure of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments, is moisturizing, structuring and repair).

As you can see by their components, it is a product very regenerating, moisturizing, nourishing and soothing. In addition, really gives the impression as if draining, because it is as if you compress the face.

They advise to apply 4-5 drops on the clean face before applying the moisturizer morning and night. The first week of use, 5 drops were not sufficient for whole face was saturated with product. But last week, required drops have been reduced to 4 and it spreads well.

The yellowish fluid, has a consistency very lightweight gel or very dense water, rather.So it is very easy to apply and I would say that fast-absorbing, but would lie it.Because it is quickly absorbed, is instant absorption. As you’re applying it, the “baby skin it is” without leaving oily or sticky feeling at all. Nor is it one of those serums Silicon that leave the slippery skin… just your skin has the appearance of skin, thing that my personally I really like. I hate to apply products on the face and note took them jobs, makes me feel uncomfortable.

Its scent is herbal and very soft nothing unpleasant, although it doesn’t have a smell of the typical in cosmetic products. Practically entering in contact with the skin, the scent disappears. It is not evident.

The container, as you can see is the dispenser by pressing. It is the only downside I see to this product, its packaging. Because if either input it may seem very comfortable, really this type of fillers do not let out product drop by drop, but to “trickle” and in my opinion, so we waste product. What is certain, is that the hygiene conditions of the product are very good, because does not come into contact with air until the moment of its application, and therefore hardly product is contaminated within the container.

Its price is 48 euros.

Facial Facial Cream Skin Soft Miracle Total Rejuvenating Treatment

It’s a face cream, dense and creamy texture but easy application and quick absorption. Jasmine smell is mild and pleasant. On the skin it is not heavy, it is comfortable to wear.

Its main components are organic silicon (regenerated elastic fibers and increases permeability of fabrics to restructure the skin and rejuvenate it), Witch Hazel(decongestant and anti-inflammatory, cleansing and moisturizing), Bilberry(vasoprotectant and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent, refreshing, and invigorating), ponytail (remineralizing and improvement the firmness of the skin),wheat (effect), Shea butter (high penetration in the skin anti-inflammatory, healing, rich in moisturizing), Royal Jelly (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and nourishing in depth and defends the skin from the aggressions), Ginkgo Biloba(antioxidant and protective of the vascular walls, counteract alterations that cause free radicals), Gotu Kola (healing and stimulates the creation of collagen), Aloe Vera(emollient and protective skin, soothing, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, moisturizing, healing and stimulating the natural defenses of the skin) and bearberry (slows down the appearance of spots on the skin freckles and discoloration after sunburn).

Applies as single cream morning and night after cleaning the skin, toning it and apply the serum of the same line. It is important in your application we will give us a gentle ascending massage making circles so that it penetrates well product and we can benefit to the maximum of their properties.

It leaves the skin soft, smooth and very hydrated. Does not disappear in full after your application, so skin looks juicy, youthful and healthy.

Its packaging is typical glass jar with screw cap where you put fingers to remove the product. I don’t like particularly. In any case, for me there is a problem because I always use a spatula to remove the product from the packaging and not to contaminate it.

Its price is 44 euros.

Facial Mask Facial Skin Mask Miracle

It’s the product that liked most of the three. It is a mask to the routine use. Its creamy texture makes it very easy to both apply and remove and freshness on the skin makes it very comfortable to wear while you have applied.
How to apply it? so on the clean face, neck and décolleté skin. We apply a generous layer of product with fingers or a brush and let it act for about 15 minutes (and we were relajaditas in the meantime enjoying our time of peace).

Removed moistening a few scouring pads and slide them gently dragging the product.We can also use moistened cotton if you prefer to remove the product from our skin.

I have been using it at night before sleeping and after its application did not put anda more my skin (or serum, or cream or anything).

Results obtained with this mask? An extremely relaxed, hydrated and nourished skin.Soft to the touch and elastic, juicy-looking.

I am delighted actually.

Its price is 22 euros.

I would be very difficult to evaluate the individual of each of the products results since I have used them all three to treatment mode, but what is obvious, is that they promise but they fulfilled promises, I dare say that my skin was obviously improved. More hydrated, more it smoother, more smooth and somewhat firmer. It is not that it has lost the expression lines and wrinkles, but if I notice the skin as the more relaxed expression, do not know if I explain… I have lost the typical grayish appearance of tired skins and I have recovered luminosity on the face. I have also gained elasticity and softness.

If I had to give a suggestion to Fontdeblanc, I would ask a product for the contour of the eyes of this line, since stress, fatigue, tiredness… they immediately faced in this delicate area of the face.

So to summarize would deliver these products what they promise? Yes, they comply.These are products which are not economic, but effective, which is what ultimately believe that it must be more weighed when making a purchase.