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Fnova Water Bottle Review

There is nothing better on a cold winter day than a hot drink, be it hot chocolate, water, tea or a cup of coffee.

The Fnova water bottle is elegant and simple, a bottle of water, that keeps drinks warm. The bottle 3 interchangeable caps, which allows you to choose which CAP to use is based on the results of the operation.

I’ve tested 21 oz size, which was perfect for daily use. Here are my thoughts:


  • The elegant design, with a matte black finish
  • comes with 3 interchangeable caps (Cap with straw, plastic cap, which is a small connector and the wood and the metal cap) that will allow the bottle can be used for all kinds of activities
  • The sport CAP is great for the gym or use the one day sports
  • Made of stainless steel
  • No condensation

When you test the Fnova water bottle through Waterbottlesshop.com, I used it during a ski trip, at the gym and at home. The 21 oz size model was perfect and not too big or too small. It is suitable for the standard Cup holder.

Fnova bottle is insulated, and I liked the drinks warm for a few hours, but it was not nearly as warm as the GSI Outdoors glacier thermos bottle. In addition to testing the bottle with hot water, I am also full of it with cold water and it was able to keep my water to cool down for a few hours.


Some of the minor details could be improved:

  • When using a plastic cap, water tasted a bit like plastic, a few other uses, plastic flavor wore off
  • Wood cap chipped when it arrived, it was still functional, but chipped a cap showed that the quality is not perfect
  • Silmukoitava handle CAP is a bit sharp, making it uncomfortable to keep
  • Sports cap of the straw is rigid and makes it difficult for a drink of water when there is only a little bit left in the bottle
  • The foam at the bottom of the bottle has not been set up properly and is an air bubble and absorbs the water – is not a big deal, but a little annoying.It would be better if it was made of rubber silicone instead of foam.


Overall, the Fnova bottle is a versatile and elegant bottle of water ideal for everyday use and for day trips. Travelers can pack the bottle with him to use when exploring the cities and when out in the open.

You can find the Fnova water bottle for about $25 on Amazon.com. The price is reasonable and comparable to that of similar water bottles – plus you get 2 extra caps.

Compare this to the bottle of Eco Vessel filter water bottle and GSI Outdoors glacier thermos bottle.

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