Floral Summer Dresses with Sleeves

No matter what the fashion dictates, there are leaders of which we never tire and sfoggeremo always regardless of current trends. That old pair of jeans that makes us feel at ease in any situation, that white shirt that dresses perfectly, the vintage skirt found in grandma’s wardrobe: there are leaders who could not give up for anything in the world and it’s great rispolverarli beginning of the new season.
Think for example in flowered dresses: who is it that has not at least one in the closet?

With the arrival of spring and the sunny days we are all tempted by the purchase of a new dress from floral patterns: there are sheath dresses that we can show off at the office, the mini dressthat we can bring in leisure, clothing corolla choice for the most important occasions or maxi dress that immediately make me want summer!

How to capture more possible models without spending a fortune? The advice is always the same: focus on low cost! We have chosen 10 flowered dresses under € 120 perfect for the summer. Let’s find out SummerDressesstore together!

The bottom

For a day at the office, you shine a sheath dress with flowers: the proposals included in the collections for spring-summer are super feminine. The sheath dresses Pennyblack (119 €) and H & M  (€ 34.99) could be good candidates.

Clothes corolla

Not all women like to wear clothes that bring out the forms. If this describes you, instead of choosing a sheath dress corolla. There are simple models to exploit in the life of every day, as the apparel Closet (90 € – available on Zalando), or more elegant proposals perfect for ceremonies, as long gown signed Chi Chi London (85 €).

Embroidered clothing

Speaking of ceremonies, here are two embroidered dresses to choose from on special occasions: the one with short sleeves from the midi length is Zara (€ 59.95), the other, sleeveless and a little ‘shorter, has signed Topshop (110 €).

Mini dress

Who has the physical suitable bets on a mini dress but remember to pay attention to the combination so as not to be vulgar. The clothes you see are of & Other Stories (49 €) and Mango(€ 49.99).

Maxi dress

If you want to act in advance and you are already projected for the summer, bought a maxi dress: now you can wear it and show it off on even the hottest summer days. Proposals for Mango (€ 59.99) and H & M (€ 39.99) are really affordable.

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