Five Keys to Wall Decals

Today I answer some of the most common questions you ask me about how to place and remove the stickers to decorate the walls.

Enjoy your children’s, decorative or baby vinyl for many years.

1- How To Remove Children’s Vinyls?

The best way to remove decorative, infantile or infantile vinyl (that have been placed time), is that you use a hairdryer. Yes, yes, with a home-made dryer, you’re worth it.

Warm the area about 10 cms away as you remove the sticker. This way you can do it without damage in the painting of your wall. The smoother the surface and the better the paint, the better. Anyway, think that it is like a painting, I mean that when you remove for example a sheet of the wall that has taken a couple of years placed a silhouette appears. It just means that the vinyl or the painting has protected the painting and that is why the drawing appears.

2- Will I Have Residue On The Wall?
Not if you do it applying heat (with the dryer I told you before). Because with a little temperature the adhesive tails remain on the vinyl and not on the wall. See how easy?

3- How To Clean My Baby Vinyl ?
According to, children’s vinyls or stickers can be cleaned with a damp cloth and clean, not wet, I said wet. Do not use baby wipes, glass cleaners, alcohol, or any other product that may carry a chemical. Do not rub or anything like that that could damage your wall or yourdecorative vinyl. And in any case, it always depends on the surface, its porosity, the type of paint, lacquer…

4, Can I Install My Decorative Stickers On A Glass?
Yes, clearly. And to do this, the best way is to spray the glass with water with a few drops of dishwasher soap, the one of the whole life, go.
Then, you first spray the glass with soapy water. And keep it wet to stick the decorative vinyl. In times of cold, as now, before removing the conveyor, a practical trick is to let it dry a little, with about ten minutes there is enough and continue with the placement of each manufacturer.

5- How Do I Remove The Carrier Paper? A good trick to make the job easier is to pull it parallel to the wall. Not perpendicular or diagonal. You make a fold and you go down (always from top to bottom) and adjusting to the wall. (Do not part)

Ah! And something very important, if you have just received your children’s vinyl, do not leave them rolled up. Lay them out on a smooth surface waiting for the big day to arrive.

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