Five Design Computer Monitors

When we have opted for a type Tower desktop computer or use a laptop connected to a screen, these two elements can be hidden easily view. But the display has to be visible forever.

Fortunately, there are already market monitors in addition to take care of our eyes in the part that corresponds to the health, also the caring for the design He can boast and that make them different.Here smartercomputing will list five well-designed computer monitors.

One of the most striking is the ASUS MS236H with Ergo-Fit technology. It is found in its holder, with a rounded shape, which allows to check the inclination of the screen without effort. Its exclusivity in the design helps its thickness of only 1.65 cm and finish in black piano on the front panel (with touch-sensitive controls backlit) and back in pristine white.

Technical characteristics of this screen from 23 inch It should be noted the 1080 p resolution, 2ms response time and contrast 50000:1. It is not a LED panel but it has Splendid technology.

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With a size of 27-inch and the extra of having DVB-T integrated and Samsung apps we found with the Series 9 of the Korean company. They are models of EUR 800 but with a design which falls in love with thanks to its asymmetrical base.

The panel is LED, they have a FullHD resolution and they are compatible with the 3D signal. If we want only 23 inches, there are models of the 7 series but with a more classic design.

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LG Koreans also boast little thick on their screens (7.2 mm), but to change the base is some aesthetic by its size. The 22 inch model LG E2290V It carries technology LED, FullHD resolution and sale for 300 euros.

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Packard Bell also offers us a model of attractive screen within its range of computer monitors. The 230 master LED HD It is the model that we like with their stand surrounded more.

The screen size is 23-inch, 1080 p resolution, response time of 5ms and a dynamic contrast of 12,000. 000: 1. Its price is very attractive: 200 euros.

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The last to arrive was also the best finish. The HP elite L2201X It has display 21.5 inch, resolution 1080 p and only 1 cm thick, with metal housing. His panel is MVA technology LED, 5,000: 1 contrast and a price of 250 dollars.

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