Fishing in Middle East Countries

The Center for the Study of Palestinian Prisoners complained that the Israeli authorities deliberately target Gaza fishermen shooting or bydestroying their boats to impose the blockade.

According to the report, the first half of 2016 experienced a 200 percent increase in the number of fishermen arrested compared to last year. “Fifty-two fishermen were arrested in 2015, while 81 fishermen were arrested during the first half of this year,” he said.

More than half of the arrests took place during May and June, with 42 fishermen detained. Fifteen-year-old Ayamn Mohamed Sultan is one of the detainees and was arrested after being shot twice in the leg.

“The Israeli occupation procedure for fishermen aims to prevent this important sector from surviving in order to add fishermen and their families to the long list of those who are unemployed in the enclave and increase the burden on Palestinian residents And the middle east as this profession is the main source of income for thousands of residents. ”

“On the other hand, it is intended to pressure fishermen to cooperate with the Israeli intelligence service and work as agents against local authorities,” the report added.

Israel to build 770 illegal homes in Al-Quds

As a country in Middle East (see, the project of the Israeli regime to build some 770 homes has been discharged Sunday by the city planning commission of the Al-Quds mayoralty.

This information was confirmed the same day by the Spanish news agency Efe , quoting sources from the Israeli mayor, which have confirmed the high of a project of 770 new homes in an area occupied territory between Al-Quds (Jerusalem And Beitolahm (Bethlehem).

“The plans in question are not new and were approved three years ago. The recent deliberations in the municipal planning commission have addressed technical aspects for the distribution of the land awarded in the project that had already been approved previously, “Israeli sources told the Spanish agency.

Although they intend to start with 770, the project actually comprises a set of about 1200 houses and will be built between the illegal settlement of Guiló, located in the south of occupied Al-Quds, and the Palestinian town of Bet Yala, northwest of Beitolahm.

The land on which they plan to build houses is in front of where Israel completes these days a segment of the controversial separation wall of the West Bank.

The municipal spokesman’s office said that “the city hall continues to work according to the city’s development program and will continue to develop Jerusalem.” In fact, these plans are in addition to many others carried out by the Israeli regime which have resulted in a drastic increase in the number of Israeli settlements in Al-Quds and the occupied West Bank.

The United Nations (UN) and most countries consider these buildings “illegal” as they have been built in the territories seized by the Israeli regime in the so-called Six Day War of 1967 and in addition the Convention of Geneva prohibits building on occupied territory.

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