Fishing In Hell

This Saturday that passed did a Cordoba fishing boat tarariras and coast along with Mariano Neme, Seba boretto, Javier Montes, Martin Montes and Matías Cucinelli flycast and baitcast mode…

We started fishing down in a Bay that much movement of taruchas has not been. I got the first capture with a twitching that not moving lots of water, noticeable it is cold to the taru for deception, little fighter. Then Matías Cucinell with another lure not moving much water and so not fighting much.

Mariano while screaming, riveting one in fly mode and started the charged, competing among anglers and senueleros of the group. We went there to look for another place better, continue the boat and started to launch towards the sticks where we start to see movement. It was terrible, fell lure and it exploited the water, left many tarus very good-sized, healthy above all. We use rubber lures, hard lures, depth, surface, everything paid.

Some lure stood out more than others when fishing, we pull up to lure of gold as inna 140 and they also grabbed. It was very hot, every now and we had to pull water to refresh ourselves. It’s going to very well coming out with more group apart from fishing, the loaded and the roast, they make better these days of fishing!