Fishing in Australia

The country in Oceania has more than 4,400 different specimens and many places to do the activity on its coasts, despite this there are certain rules that must be respected.

This country of Oceania has more than 4,400 different types of fish wandering offshore, but there are certain regulations imposed by the AFMA (which means the Australian Fisheries Management Authority), which do not allow to capture any. There are certain families in particular that are in danger of extinction and are protected by this entity. One of them is, for example, the Great White Shark.

Australia is one of the few countries in the world that is totally surrounded by ocean waters, so it also has a large number of marine species that make it an ideal place for fishing.

Anyway, choosing Australia as a destination for the activity is a wise decision, as it has varied places and forms of fishing in the sporting part.

In this country stand out certain places that are ideal for this, the one that stands out above the others is the York Cape located in Queensland to the north of the nation. This place is visited every year by many locals and several foreigners who are going to spend an incredible adventure or just to rest at one of the points where fishing is a strong.

Within the region mentioned in the previous paragraph, the city of Weipa was used, which was used for commercial fishing, but several years ago it was closed for this type of capture.It is for that reason that after that began to carry out the sporting part of the activity more frequently and became a place that attracts many fans of the discipline.

As mentioned above there are many species in Australia, but the most common ones in the fishery are: Salamander Fish, Catfish, Rainbow Fish, Sardines, Barracudas, Tents, Atlantic Salmon, Pacific Salmon and several others.

The positive thing about the capture of these is that you can get good sized specimens, but the negative thing is that the AFMA does not allow to capture large quantities of the same species. That is why many people do the practice and once obtained the fish, return it to the water.

Another thing to emphasize is that in almost all sectors of the oceanic country it is sufficient to have a basic fishing equipment; Or a rod, baits and flies or hooks. In case you do not have one, there are many houses dedicated to selling these items.

What is curious about Australia is that it does not have as many rivers, so fishing is not so common in the inner part of the nation, so its fort is still coastal areas. Just back to this, something that is also common in the region is to perform the activity on the beaches when the water is crystal clear and quiet, because you can get the catch in sight. Although this seems simple, it is another pretty challenge for the fanatics of the discipline.

In short Australia is a country that presents variants of species and many places to carry out the activity, but you have to take into account the regulations, because they are very strict in that sense and apply fines to anyone who does not meet the rules.

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