Fishing in Argentina

“Fishing Lodge Matute”

It is an exclusive lodging located in the city of Esquina, province of Corrientes – Argentina, dedicated to the provision of an exclusive fishing, and counts on a team of professional guides of high level, in constant training.

The lodge is set in an area of 5,500 m2 with incredible views of the Corrientes River Delta.


  • 12 rooms type suite with air conditioning and heating;
  • LCD TV with cable;
  • Pool;
  • Barbecue grill;
  • Living room with a large fireplace, where you can enjoy reading, games, pool table and cable TV;
  • Dining room for 40 people, located on the ground floor.It is the place where you can taste the best foods of the region, made in the inn by excellent cooks with great experience.



  • In the morning, enjoy an excellent American breakfast consisting of cold meats, fruit, juices, beats, cereals, milk, cakes, breads and more.
  • Lunch:is usually done in the islands, where we stopped at noon and the guide prepares absolutely everything so you can enjoy this moment. Each boat is equipped with chairs, tablecloths, glasses, table and all the utensils needed to feel at home, but surrounded by a natural environment that the region offers.
    In one of the lunches is an accomplished “Argentine barbecue”
    accompanied by salads and wines.
  • Dinner: After fishing day of return at the lodge, before dinner, our chefs will be waiting with pies and tasty appetizers made with meats, pizza, etc. Next comes dinner where you will taste delicious local dishes.
    • Some suggestions:
    • Roast Argentino
    • Grilled Lamb
    • Homemade pasta with different types of sauces.
    • Different milanesas with different types of salads.
    • Chicken stuffed with vegetables, potatoes, salads and sauces.



Gold: Esquina is known as the fishing paradise of golden, because there is a huge amount of fish, ranging from small golden to the giant river. The best season for fishing is the months from June to January.

Surubim: You can capture large amount of species in a single dayfishing, and the average weight is around 8 kg. But the river always brings us great surprises and big fish. The best season for surubins are the months of January, February, March, September and October.

For the fishing of the giants in the Parana River and recommended the months of June, July and August.

Cachara: You can take many cacharas with an average weight5 to 15 kg. The highlights of the season are the months of October to March.

Salmon or Piracanjuba: is in large quantities. They usually eat fruits that fall from the trees in the huge delta. Best season between the months of October to March.
Boga or piapara: In this area there are large numbers of this species throughout the year due to the high availability of food and tranquility offered by Delta.

Pacu: It is the most difficult species to catch, but Esquina is the birthplace of pacu. The recommended months are from January to April.

Jau: They are in very deep wells of the Parana River, and the perfect time for fishing is between the months of April to September.
Traíras: A species found in the lakes that form the delta. Not too many, but you only need high temperatures to get a good slap. We recommend the use of artificial surface baits, as it is very exciting to visualize the attack. The recommended months are from January to April.


Fishing is carried out aboard modern and spacious model trakkers boats, 6.2m long, equipped with 4-stroke 115hp Yamaha engine, electric motor for pitch fishing, sonar, VHF radio, cell phone and all required safety features By the Argentine Naval Prefecture. Experienced and knowledgeable guides from the region. If you want, you can also fish in other countries in South America listed at PaulDigo.

Fishing season

January to October.

Fishing methods – Fledgling (anchored), round-trip fishing, trolling, bait casting or fly fishing.


Included in package

  • Accommodation, use of accommodations and games.
  • Meals: Breakfast, lunch on the island and dinner with desserts
  • Snacks on boats and at the inn
  • Beverages (soft drinks, water, beer and wine)
  • Boat, gasoline (100 liters) and experienced guide
  • Tuviras (10 dozen) and baits for piaparas
  • Fishing licenses
  • Thermal box, drinks and snacks on boats


Does not include

  • Transfer and travel expenses
  • Fishing material
  • Phone calls



Day 1: Transfer / Dinner at the inn

Day 2 onwards: Fishing option as the number of daily

Last day: Breakfast / Transfer / Return



Esquina is located 320 km from Corrientes, capital, and 889 km from Foz do Iguaçu.

Best option: Brazil – Argentina (Arrival at Aeroparque airport)

Domestic flight – Aeroparque – Goya (Goya is located 100 km from Esquina). LAERS (Air Lines Between Ranges)

These flights are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 13:00 Hs.

Ground transportation from Goya to Esquina (Approximately 50 minutes).

Cost of internal flight: U $ 250 per person for return trip.


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