Fishing in Africa

The place

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is a secluded, luxurious hideaway that offers the perfect platform for those who want to explore the Chobe River region and the Victoria Falls Waterfall and experience all the activities that are available in this diverse corner of Africa.

Located on Impalila Island, on the Namibian side of the Chobe River, this beautiful Lodge of tents guarantees a stay tailored to each client. The lodge’s stay system is differentiated and offers excellent levels of services as well as the added value of your own guide and boat for the duration of your stay. This allows you the freedom to explore the rivers and streams as you wish and this means that whatever activity you choose for the day will be done at your own pace.

The Ichobezi Safari Boat

The houseboats are equipped with double or twin rooms, suites and fans in each room. There is a Jacuzzi on board and a large dining area and living room area. Your eyes? Somewhere on the spectacular Chobe River …

Our Ichobezi houseboat can travel miles in a day to provide the fisherman and the viewer with as many activities as you wish! Relax in the sauna, soak up the sun on the deck, or head to the great Tiger Fish and the “nembwe bream” fishing for the animals around you.


Fisheries and fish species

There are options for everyone, both beginners and experienced fishermen. While the undisputed champion of the area is the Tiger Fish, which grows up to about 10 kg, in these waters we also have Nembwe or Yellow Belly Bream, Tilapia Red Chest, Tilapia Three Pints, Green Head Tilapia, Pink Bream / Pink Happy, Green Bream / Green Happy, Largemouth Thinface, Largemouth Bassback and the Sharp-Toothed Catfish. All sport fishes in the area.

Ichingo Chobe River Lodge is a great destination for fly fishing and we encourage fishermen to try their luck at fishing the Tiger Fish on the fly.

Annual rains in January and February fill the Chobe and Zambezi rivers, saturating the surrounding floodplains. The high waters that last until March / April allow the fish to reproduce in large numbers, replenishing the fish population for the next year. When water starts to trickle down from the flood plains, it is amazing how many fingerlings and small foragers are released back into the main channels, which is an event that Tiger Fish makes the most of. For this reason, it is not only excellent fishing in the traditional summer months, but it has spectacular catches in the winter.

Ichingo Lodge is known for its excellent fishing guides and for the number and quality of its speedboats. Well maintained boats and motors are used for fishing and animal watching. We also have two Jet Boats with wide decks, which allows us access to the rapids, even with little water.

The total flexibility that the hostel offers also means that you have unlimited access to fishing as an activity so you can use your own guide and boat at a time that is best for you.



Situated on the banks of the Chobe River in Impalila Island, Namibia, there is only access by boat. Ichingo River Lodge is a hidden gem tucked away amongst the Jackalberry trees of the island.

The accommodation is provided in eight tents in the “Meru Safari” style well equipped with private balconies and suites. The lodge is built under a lively riverside forest with a large amount of bird species.

There is a large dining room and living room for fishermen to relax when they are not in the water. The “Braai” area on the sand is ideal for a more intimate evening at dinner (a kind of luau). There is also a small pool for those scorching days.


The Wild Life

Both the luxurious Ichobezi Safari Boats and the Ichingo Chobe River Lodge provide an ideal platform to view the abundant wildlife of Chobe National Park. Standing on the river allows you to observe more closely the wide variety of species, including elephant, buffalo, giraffe, deer and Chobe antelopes.

Within the river itself, there are numerous hippos and crocodiles to add to the endless display of abundant wildlife that this region offers. In the dry season (May to September), incredible elephant herds can be seen – in fact, the largest concentration in Africa. Visit for all countries in the Africa.

After a hard day on the water, why not enjoy a good drink while watching elephants playing in the water under an African sunset?

Travel plan:

Day 1:

All fishermen arrive at CBJ Kasane International Airport, Botswana.

Transfer of vehicle and after boat to the Immigration of Namibia.

Arrival to the houseboat and introduction to the program.

Possibility to spend the afternoon fishing or enjoy the observation of animals in the Chobe.


Day 2:

Guests depart for 2 days on the boat, stopping at different fishing spots in the Chobe. One can fish, do safari or just relax!


Day 4 onwards:

Transfer to the main pavilion and go fishing with your private guide. Enjoy the

Lodge in your tent and have a braai (luau) over the sand bars of the lodge or dine in the dining room.


Last day:

Leave the lodge in the morning to Kasane and fly back home.



  • All meals,
  • All the house wines,
  • Beer,
  • Soft drinks and water,
  • All activities,
  • All rental equipment,
  • A private guide and covered boat for all activities,
  • All licenses,
  • Park fees and fees,
  • All transfers by water to and from the Kasane Immigration.


Does not include:

  • Cheap flights to Kasane Airport,
  • Tips,
  • Passports and visas,
  • Dining in Kasane or somewhere other than the countryside,
  • The costs associated with medical activities and medicines for your trip,
  • Baits,
  • Fishing equipments,


All above expenses are billed in dollars and payments made in any other currency will be adjusted by the exchange rate at the time of payment.


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