Finger Cap Ring

The cap is constantly being a witness of an era. Headwear derived policeman’s cap, she was alternately sign of any British aristocracy for schoolchildren, indispensable accessory in any rap video or even fellow boater. Then the cap, in the process of gentrification or ostensible sign of protest? Jean-Louis Cap had the good idea to create funny little ring-caps. One way to sanctuaries on the fingers of princesses or jogging in silk dresses the memories attached to the port of the cap.

The cap, stigmatized “suburb” in the 90s now seems undeniable and unisex accessory. Why on earth create small ring-shaped cap? A chic detail how a tattoo that subtly hiding?

At the time, East Village and Brooklyn were places to avoid the cut-throat areas. Now, these two districts are “the place to be” in New York and the past is completely forgotten. I would do the same for the cap democratizing growing and does not need to be stigmatized. The cap ring now allows to wear a cap in any circumstance, hidden or not, at work and on vacation.

The manufacturing process is quite innovative: you can tell us more?

All rings are 3D printed in a very large number of materials. This object is born of a joke between Louis and myself: the easiest way (and more modern) to create the first model without a professional jeweler know it was in print in 3D. This method is very useful because it allows us to avoid the problem of stock (all rings are printed on request) and allows customization of products. The fact that the metal can be printed is a little known new and we surrounded by the best printers and printers to offer a wide range of products.

Ean-Louis Cap … it was to really make Frenchie?

The name “Jean-Louis Cap” comes from the story of its creation.Myself, Jean-Baptiste and Louis had the crazy idea to create a jewel that clothes us. The situation was that we had both a cap in this error and the idea of cap ring seemed obvious. Jean Louis + + Cap, QED.The very next Frenchie follows but this was not the first goal.

Our first impression was that the rings had a small side “Lego” or “Toy-ish.” Is it voluntary?

It is necessary that the eye gets used to see this kind of object. We have a large number of different reactions at first glance. The “Toy” side fully understands because we use a similar plastic toys manufactured in 3D for our colorful range. In this range, we can say that this is voluntary. We also have a more luxurious range which uses materials such as silver, bronze and gold; I do not know if “Lego” has already launched its prestigious collection …

What are the next steps for Jean-Louis Cap?

The next steps are the creation of new products under the same manufacturing process. The earrings are about to happen and cufflinks. Other surprises products will be announced soon, all will of course turn around the cap.

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