Find The Right Bra for You

Centerpiece of contemporary lingerie, bra now combines pragmatic comfort and chic aura of seduction. current trends to tips to choose well, you get all the cards to find the right bra for you.

5 Tips pro to Choose Her Bra

The “fitting” of the bra, do any of you took this appointment with a counselor the past decade? Ok… We all know, however, that good old black bra (already paid for-admittedly, a bit too many years) is not exactly the right size, but it’s nice and it will with most of your clothes, whatever, right? Think again!

  • Release the tape measure

Bravissimo in stores, where the “fitting” was held, the counselors do not use it, which avoids the inconvenience caused by the wait naked in a changing room by the time we take your measurements. Enough! To find the right size, they just look at your bra (while you are wearing), plunging their expert eyes on the cup, the shell and the front back to decree, so fast that it’s scary that will fit you best.

  • You have two breasts, not four

As you stand in the booth in your old bra, you know immediately that you’re a little (a lot) wrong. Yes, but you like much much this bra (lace is falling) but it was not available in your size. What to do ? Apparently, you buy it anyway.

But now you realize you while you try to justify your four breasts: you never bought a pair of shoes-even beautiful to die for-if they were available only two sizes below yours? So why do this with your bra? Here’s how.

Before the line should lie flat against your breastbone between your breasts. Your breasts, in turn, must be completely encompassed within the cups with a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the bonnet meets the top of your breasts. (Be generous, ladies, there are two breasts, not four!). On the side seams must be flat on your ribs and must not encroach on your breasts, as they may harm the material. (Thanks!)

In truth, you already know the rules, but you are blinded by the desire to bring this piece that you love the look, then you let convince that all these commercials for lingerie are only chimeras: a bra will never be as good as the photos. Try. Take the right size and see if you do not go!

  • Turn around

Find the right size for the clip back remains our most common error. Take it too and it will go up without making you the right support. The majority of the working voltage is performed by the band on the back so try to be able to trust him for that are neither your shoulders or your back that toast. The right size, in addition to being more comfortable, promises some surprises like the feeling of being thinner (ah, anxiety fat back …). Double bonus.

  • Try before you buy

With lingerie, we can not count on “size is all.” In the same way that you enter a 38 in such sign then you have to pass 40 in the adjoining shop, bras are not different. You must try them.Another tip: if you try, make sure you can lift her arms, and you will see how it will go and how it will move throughout the day.

Ask your adviser to explain and then you’ll choose your perfectly underneath. You will feel wonderful starting and you will know YOUR size, ready for your next shopping trip.

  • Take care

Hand wash only, it seems. Binding, yes, but your bras will thank you for keeping their shape longer. Remember that loose t-shirt you wear to bed now but would you like a glove once?Yes, it is undoubtedly comfortable but it is not really as beautiful as before. Remember to replace your bras every six months if you wear them regularly. Oh, another good reason to go shopping..