Find Out If Your Device Is Compatible with USB OTG

USB OTG Checker is a useful application for users who want to take advantage of the OTG functionality of the USB ports of their Android-based smartphones. The main purpose of the application is to analyze the device and determine if the device complies with the standard OTG (“On The Go”), which allows USB flash drives, external hard drives and other peripherals with large USB ports to be plugged into the smartphone With the use of adapters.In addition, the USB OTG Checker is a complete tool that allows you to view files and folders on storage units (to copy and move files, you need to get the paid version).

Our opinion

USB OTG Checker is a useful application from the point of view of those who need an app to find out if the device is compatible with OTG.Since it is a lesser-known feature, it is common for manufacturers to simply omit support for it in the technical data sheets of their devices.In that sense, using the USB OTG Checker is recommended since knowing in advance whether the device offers OTG functionality can prevent the consumer from throwing money away by buying adapters and accessories that may not work on the phone.

But the compliments to the app, which is free and in English, stop there.The graphical interface is out of date.It features a gray palette look that recalls the early moments of Android and, in addition to being uninteresting, is blatantly compromised by the flurry of advertisements that disrupt the app and make the tool use a test of patience.

This criticism is even more relevant for those who intend to use USB OTG Checker not only as a tool for checking for OTG support on the cell phone, but as a file manager.

In any case, given the uninteresting interface and the exaggeration in advertising that fills the screen, it is worth asking if it is not easier to simply use the USB OTG Checker to check the OTG support and use the native file manager of the mobile phone to exchange data With pendrives and external hard drives.

Overall, the USB OTG Checker delivers what it promises: all the features of the app have been tested and working properly.However, its graphical interface and the very nosy advertising end up confining the possibilities of the application to a tool to verify the support for USB OTG in the mobile.Any longer and more ambitious use of the application is simply not justified:your device offers better file manager.


  • Allows you to check USB OTG support on your phone
  • Provides file manager


  • Bad and uninteresting graphics interface
  • Exaggerated advertising makes app use a test of patience
  • Totally in English