FENIX Flashlights Review: the Best Flashlight for Hunting

The torch belongs to hunters like the bush, hunting optics and the hunting knife Hunting. Each hunting pack or at the hunting-belt is the torch of the companion in the hunting area. En route to the top seat in the unloading or loading of the car, when Anschuss in game retrieval or when supplying the Wilds – a flashlight is required when hunting.

Again and again new makes and models on the market. We’ve taken the range of FENIX, a leading manufacturer of quality bags and head lamps for you under the microscope.

Robust and indestructible – Fenix flashlights for hunting

The Chinese producer FENIX (name comes from: “Phoenix”) advertises with the slogan “FENIX Flashlights – Illuminate your Adventure” on his website. We would like to taste our “Adventure”, hunting and related experiences “in the best light.” The wide range makes a choice not easy, but for every type hunter to find something for shotgun.

Fenix refers to the determination and the progress will of the engineers who repeatedly trigger off new developments and give never satisfied. This tireless development will and the desire for innovation allowed Fenix flashlight Fenix L1 in 2005 to highlight the product in the industry to be of selected.
Fenix flashlights are considered robust and “indestructible”. On Youtube you will find a video by a diver is shown of a lost Fenix finds and behold after about half a year in a lake, the flashlight still works.

Reliable Flashlights for hunting

In general, the flashlights from Fenix flashlights very high class. Very good materials as durable aircraft-grade aluminum and elegant hands-on design ensure responsive devices. The torches are well in hand and work together to lock through the wegrollsicher and slip designed lamp body. Moreover, almost all models are waterproof to IPX-8 standard (30 minutes continuous burning time in 2 m water depth) and have hardened lenses or an ultra clear glass lens with anti-reflection coating.
The hard anodized surface Flashlight underscores the high quality of flashlights by pefektes Finish.

We chose the following selection of flashlights from the assortment of our site opted for hunting:


Small (12.7 cm long with a thickness of 2.5 cm) and handy is the small long-life LED Flashlight miracle aluminum. Very good luminosity (up to 315 lumens in Turbo mode), which can be a switch on the lamp head adjustable 6-tray and the small compact design characterize this lamp. With a beam length of 141 m, according to ANSI standard brings high performance even at a distance. Digital electronics and an ultra clear glass lens provide a uniform light output. The waterproof Fenix PD32 also features a Cree XP-G R5 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and can with 2 pieces CR operated 123A batteries or 1 rechargeable 18650 battery. A lightweight (61 g) each is a help in the hunt.


Who has not – on the way to the hunting to the infirmary is the flashlight empty, or the batteries should not for longer Nachsuche. With the combination of Fenix RC 10 and charging the lamp is always ready for use. The charging station is working at home (best right next to the hunting or gun cabinet) but also in the vehicle, the operation of the charging station is possible. Made from sturdy aluminum flashlight Fenix RC10 brings in a length of 16.1 cm and a thickness of 2.54 cm, a weight of 200 grams on the scale. On the air end is a switch with which 5 different lighting levels can be adjusted (up to 380 ANSI lumens). Like the PD 32 has the Fenix RC10 an extremely long-life LED (50 000 hours), also it has a range of 215 m. For the hunter a practical and especially rechargeable flashlight.


Our favorite – powerful and compact (15.5 cm long, 3.4 cm thick) presents itself to the Fenix TK15. Always in this hunting pack, because the weight (152 g) is so low, it belongs as a constant companion in our hunting equipment. Four, adjustable pressure switch on the lamp side light modes (up to 400 ANSI lumens) and a range of 252 meters making it a reliable partner in the dark. In addition, the TK15 made of aircraft aluminum presents to be extremely robust. It is operated with two 3V CR123A batteries or one 18650 battery. Again, digital electronics ensures even light. Also, the rolling or sliding is prevented by the specially designed lamp body. In addition, it is waterproof. The Fenix TK15 has everything ready should hold a flashlight for the hunter.


Really with 860 lumens output, the power flashlight. Four batteries provide a more rousing performance and provide on a beam length of 340 m (acc. ANSI standard) for brightest light. By 6-level brightness control and the high luminosity a power lamp for hunting. Also of size (16,4 cm long, and 5.1 cm thickness of the light head) and in weight (256 g) is suitable flashlight for hunting. The TK35 is powered by a durable Cree XP-G LED U2 with 50,000 burning hours. The waterproof flashlight is in the area a reliable helper.

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