Fashion Fringes

Fringes are such a small thing with great effect, which is getting stronger and has really come back in the last few years.

They were very tall on bags and shoes, where they are still being worn occasionally.

I remember spontaneously the bag of Lu ( Luziehtan ) from last summer.(which I’m still keen on) Maybe you can remember some of the bags with such a meter fringes.I found the cool, if also impractical so definitely definitely upbeat.

Fringes, a moded detail, which is coming strongly in 2014.

Many of the great designers have put on the summer 2014 looks last year on fringes on jackets, skirts, trousers and cloths.Also with the Plus Size designers the trend has become noticeable, eg with Anna Scholz, whose dress (unfortunately only as a photo) for weeks at my Bürowand hangs.

There is also a very exciting kimono:
This fringe kimono you get at ♥ Anna Schloz, it costs 199 GBP.It is also available in white.

This is not a dress but a shirt. It also covers the trend with the colored tip.
You can get it at ♥ Dorothy Perkins up to size 50 for 29,90 €
♥ miss BARTOZ Tip:Dorothy Perkins has very often discount deals. It is definitely worth to look at the current deals.

I am frowned on how they feel.Knows her these old lampen with the fringes, maybe reminds me of the fingers simply at a good time, can be.Besides, they make, as properly processed, very noble, as in the examples here.But it can also be quite different, that fringes, in leather on jackets for example make rather casual.That’s what I like about Lu’s outfit.This very elegant evening dress and her bag can not look as elegant as it is, but it could also be different.

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