Fashion Brooch Pin

The PIN was always to the taste of the day. She has seen centuries of trends. Antiquity and the middle ages men were using to maintain their closed clothes, but also as part of adornment. This gem was then called a fibula. Archaeological excavations helped regain some fibulae metal (bronze, gold, iron) or ivory, which some are inlaid with precious stones. That is to say she has the bottle!

At the time of our grandmothers, the PIN was simply the indispensable element for all outfits. Today, the PIN is mainly used as a fashion accessory, rather than actual need. It is, as before, often decorated with precious stones and costs rather expensive. But there are more and more affordable, because fashion trends have placed him at the front of the stage. Result, everyone wants her brooch and signs (large or small) have followed the trend. But women know wear the PIN? They know the best places to buy? They know that they can make?

How to wear a brooch?

The PIN is in day, in the evening but not only on a jacket or a stole, it can also be found on the shoes and bags. Let’s see how to use the PIN to its maximum.

During the day

Choose a PIN with rather original shapes that stand out. It can include geometric forms, animals, houses etc. Don’t skimp on color and rhinestones if you wear a solid or two-tone outfit. If you wear jewelry, stay in the tones of your PIN. Opt for a small or even medium size without competition to your main ‘jewelry’ (the PIN). As I always say, there is not really to look ‘too much’ but there are differences in proportion.

During the day, wear the PIN on your blazer (heart or side pocket if it a simple jacket), on the front of your jeans pockets or on a United shirt.

In the evening

The port of the PIN over a stole remains a timeless classic, especially if you wear a pretty dress. Now, if you want to spice up your outfit, wear the accessory directly on your outfit (dress or not) but also on your evening bag. Choose a PIN with a delicate and chic shape and especially not big and decorated with 250000 gems!

Two pins are enough, not more. Choose them to a lighter tone (if your outfit is dark) or darker (if your outfit is clear) as your outfit to bring out all the charm. And the hold, this is the PIN on the shoe! I saw the idea on the net and in the street, and I think it’s great!

As for the day outfit, don’t overwhelm your outfit with other jewelry and forget the headbands and other flashy accessories in their hair. To the extent possible, do not wear jewelry hair because if not, it might take you to Mrs. Claus!