Fancy Cake Baking Tins

Delicious Cakes in Shape

Must for cakes almost always be round or box-shaped? No, because the LARES sheet fabrication GmbH manufactures baking pan, baking frame, cake pan and cookie cutters in various shapes that provide plenty of variety when baking. Special and exceptional bakeware bring variety into the kitchen and let the boring round cake quickly the past. The many different forms invite creative baking and making cakes and other baked works to visually great delicacies. We use these flowers baking pan and to bake bread wheels. Opens super and looks at that great.

Baking Pan And Cake Mold: Many Great Forms

The traditional LARES tinware factory GmbH manufactures baking pan, baking frame, cake pan and cookie cutters made of tinplate and steel and produced locally in Palatine Meckenheim original shapes-often still handmade. For all Backfeen draws with the class in baking frame

  • shape
  • heart shape
  • star shape
  • Easter Bunny form
  • Lammform

Creativity in the kitchen. Forms in various sizes such. As a 3-part heart baking pan allowed to bake pies and floor framing delicious Nasch landscapes. Through the large size selection, particularly in the cake baking molds you can bake cakes not only varied in many different forms, but also in variable widths and heights. Like when you have dough to spare or want to bake a cupcake only for 1 or 2 people.

Individual and adaptable

Flexible baking frame of LARES can be adapted to the individually required size and so you can determine the amount of dough flexible or creative combine several bakeware together. You can bake a flat and large cake that is covered as a basic dough with a green cast, for example, with the adjustable baking frame. With the smaller dessert rings Ausdrückhilfe you can bake more dough and decorate with football decoration. Put the “footballs” now on the “lawn” and invite football fans to next football party. These snazzy bakeware varied baking result promises to highlight a feast and to be every party.

Each Cake Mold a Quality Product

Each baking pan as the cake rings or cake mold contour and the adjustable baking frame are made of high quality INOX stainless steel, making this cake pans are stainless. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher without problems and should even a cake from sticking, the dough residue can be removed well. Since each baking pan is bottomless, the focus was during our test jaws essentially whether batter runs on the cake pan out.Since all peripheral edges of the baking molds are precisely manufactured, no batter stepped down and out. The baking result is impressive in absolute terms and the beautiful shapes and different mold sizes with high quality standards are an asset to our kitchen where so many homemade cakes is consumed. And anyway we use for many years LARES cutters in the Christmas bakery, which now can not be missing shortly before Easter.

More Kitchen Gadgets of Tinware Factory

Although form baking pan, baking frame and cakes form a large part of the range of tinware factory, but in addition to these and cutters, the company also manufactures such Kitchenware:

  • Wolfszahnblech
  • Attachment for cookies
  • Pommes-Frites-Schneider
  • Cutters for pies

LARES takes a thoughtful and optimized product portfolio, ranging up to Ausdrückhilfen in different diameters.

Definitely we want to mention that the products of this traditional company are extremely low commercially available. However LARES distributes its bakeware not themselves. As a reference source for LARES cake tins and baking frame we can recommend the well-known marketplace Amazon.

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