Facts of Apple Watch

Now, the young history of the Apple Watch is a story full of misunderstandings. Time to clean up.

What can that already more than my Smartphone?

It seems now to be in the nature of modern man, with the emergence of a new technology to assume, that she must displace or substitute another entirely. Already the media theorist Neil Postman knew: A medium, what is in this day and age with technology, don’t have to die, so that another can grow. Although there are quite a few other smartwatches on the market, there were quite a few critics who accused Apple to have produced only an “appendage” according to the ideas of Apple Watch. Predicate: beautiful but useless. Many of our readers concerned the Apple clock at first with an “embarrassing” only after a few hours you accumulated “Bring it”.

Is the Apple Watch useless? That is too short. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we communicate. But in the end they are only a link to a technology, which adapts itself to human beings, but adapts the technology to the people. Fitnesstracker of jawbone, fit bit and co. do the success of Bragis already, “the dash” speaks for the need of the people afterwards. And even the car industry has realized that smartphones must be visible not necessarily in the cockpit but run as a mobile data center in the background.

ERGO, must replace the Apple Watch not a Smartphone, but complements the iPhone to a piece of technology that allows me to access data and communication. Not more, but also no less.

A clock I have already…

Congratulations! Only a Smartwatch is no watch. Just because you wear both on the wrist, they can not really compare. As little as a Smartphone is a phone booth. A Smartwatch is an ultra mobile computers, no pure chronograph.

What makes it better than the other Smartwatches the Apple Watch?

CURVED editor Shu on Kwok brought it after extensive testing of the LG G watch to the point: at present Android wear is one thing above all: a gimmick. Also the beautiful Moto 360 is limited primarily to push notifications from your Smartphone on the wrist. Watchfaces and app extensions appear often only half-heartedly implemented. Especially the user interface of just those apps is rarely adapted to the small screen.

Apple has demonstrated once more for me, that it must be the first on the market like at the first iPhone and iPad. The Apple Watch is the result of a process in which the engineers in Cupertino took enough time, to make another mistake. And while Sony already launches third generation of his Smartwatch into the market can not convince Samsung too with the new gear S and that oh so hyped Moto houses 360 apparently under the hood, especially old electronics, Apple goes with deliberate control and design concept at the start.

With several models and dozens of combinations thanks to different bracelets, the company offers a range that will appeal to kids, as well as athletes and well-heeled older men and women. Who wants to have a fancy accessory for his iPhone, which takes the basic variant starting at $350, fitness crazy resort to the more robust sports Edition, who is pure luxury, which brings the 18-carat “Edition” version with gold plating.

With the combination of touch control and side-mounted Crown, I see an operating concept which meaningfully implements navigate in such a small space for the first time. Smartwatches Android segment is confined to the most basic necessities–so it seems. No button should disturb the look. Only a screen, nothing else. Who but have you ever had a Smartwach on the wrist, which quickly gets the feeling: A screen is not what you need, a few buttons to control would be quite practical. With the ‘Crown’ can be magnificently deep in menus, lists, and maps inside to navigate it – and also back out without having the screen is obscured by the finger. Less accurate movement to the left, right, up and down about wiping gesture triggered.

In terms of communication Apple has come up with a lot. Incoming messages are analyzed for key words. Ask someone to “Eat we today Indian or Japanese”, then makes the built-in software as possible answers “Indian”, “Japanese” and “Neither” available. The Smartphone remains in your pocket, and I save time when typing the answer.

I’m undecided even in the implementation of the character-driven messengers, which themselves can send paintings contacts with each other. After all, Apple – has also not first group – the operating concept of smartphones and tablets can be transferred not 1:1 on the wrist, but “more natural” approaches are recognized as.

The Apple Watch cannot save the wearables

A complaint that the Engadget Apple makes. Now, the Apple Watch must also save not a genre, but open up a new business only Apple. Who has previously wondered why there smart bands, Smartwatches and other wearables, will not find also in the Apple Watch the salvation. De facto, the Smart gadgets are no longer indispensable and promoted smartphones current companions to and tablets. Offered by each manufacturer, now Apple.

And like the Smartphones and tablets, a cut-throat battle will take place in the course of time. Although there will be many models, but very few can prevail really. Just because many smart bands currently sell in small quantities, the wearable Division is not dead – it is still in its infancy.

On my watch, the battery lasts forever

Question: Can you with others about communicate, navigate or remote control features of your Smartphone? See: therefore your watch keep also as long as. As long as we can produce no energy out of nowhere and batteries need now once also a corresponding size, to have enough capacity for longer periods, these are now regulated. This is true for notebooks, smartphones and tablets as well as for Smartwatches such as the Apple Watch. But with the difference that we would not punish the limited duration of your notebook, just because there are computers connected to the network. All relative!

Pure luxury! Do not need…

Everything that we can buy, really needs to have a basic benefit? Sometimes not enough like it simply? That’s good looks? And still my existing mobile arsenal virtually? Auch Apple know that the Apple Watch is located somewhere between tech, fashion and jewelry. There is the Smartwatch in gold. And not for nothing, the Group has invited fashion bloggers to the keynote for the first time.

The “iWatch”, as even Cook still calls them in interviews, is Apple’s ticket to a completely new market, new demographics, not clockrate decision to purchase for that, but the look. As a techblogger says, you may smile perhaps briefly when technical data a technical device suddenly no longer play a role. But hey: probably the fashion colleagues would similar to think about people, only then select the clothes, whether she keep warm, or?

No, you do not need the Apple Watch. But to have them on the wrist she will make communication and access to data from iPhone more pleasant. Who places more value on a good look and consider technology from the point of view of modern lifestyles, who wants an Apple Watch.