Energy-Saving LED Lighting

The replacement of traditional lighting by LED lamps is an increasingly common practice in companies, public authorities and households, therefore we propose the v/Excellencies the bet on this technology.
Savings: More than 50%
Warranty: 3 years 5 years
Why invest in the replacement of the LED lighting?

  • Obtain a higher 50% always saving! For example, a fluorescent tube 120 cm 36 Watt + consumes the ballast, while the equivalent in LED consumes only 18 Watts. With this quite significant savings in expense as important as your energy bill, the investment in this technology is self-financing with saving obtained;

Energy-Saving LED Lighting

  • The life of these lamps is higher, avoiding replace the same with so often. The service life of these lamps can exceed 15 years;
  • No heat, ensuring a better safety than other types of lighting;
  • The lighting quality is much higher. This is also a very important factor to improve the work environment, reducing eyestrain and increasing operator productivity.

Check out an example of savings in a residence with LED lighting

Why choose Facts & tips for your supplier?

  • We guarantee the best price of the market. Why pay more?
  • We deliver the product directly on your address in 24 hours. No need to travel!
  • We can provide some samples without any commitment to buy from you, so you can verify in practice the difference of quality of the LED light.
  • We offer a warranty of 3 years to 5 years, in case of failure replace lamp in 24 hours physically.
  • We mark the difference with the client because we are an honest company and professional!

We can provide some examples of quotes that we provide to our customers. We can send a budget to v/Excellencies analyse the savings you can get, and so checking the return on your investment with the change to a LED lighting. Just provide the following information:

  1. Tubular quantity (or other lamps) on your premises
  2. Your energy bill (front and back), or only the average price of KW that pay
  3. How many hours are the lights on a day