Drivers with Dress Pants

Mouhcine el-Maria is part of the Group of drivers entering justice in order to recognize the right to wearing black jeans to work.

Drivers with Dress Pants

A group of a hundred of Montreal taxi drivers announced Tuesday that he would continue the city in order to obtain the right to wear the black jeans to work.

The drivers said they would file an injunction in the next few days asking the Court to annul a municipal regulations entered into force in January, including imposing a dress code.

The regulation requires drivers they wear « black long pants », but the group argues that municipal inspectors took the initiative to interpret this requirement as excluding the black jeans.

« Investigators are arrogant to all without exception taxi drivers, said mark el-Martin, one of the plaintiffs, in an interview. Black long pants, it’s all kinds of pants, it’s general. It causes us a moral stress because whenever we go out to work, think they’ll come give us a ticket. »

Mr. El-Martin said he got two fines of $174 for wearing black jeans.

Dress code is part of the city’s efforts to modernize the sector of the taxi, which is already heavily regulated.

The taxi driver « should be dressed neatly and soberly ; “his clothes should not be stained or torn », stipulates the regulation.

In addition to the black long pants, drivers have the right to wear black shorts between May 1 and September 30.

In Quebec, the Government imposes a strict limit the number of permits of taxis that can be issued in each city to provide some income to the drivers.

New illegal players like Uber have upset the industry and politicians for trying to find ways to make taxis more attractive in the eyes of the citizens. The regulation also requires drivers to get out of their vehicle and open the door for passengers on departure and arrival.

Marie-Hélène Giguère, a spokeswoman for the Office of taxi in Montreal, declined to comment on the case of Mr. El-Maria.

She stated that implantation of the « action plan » of the city to modernize the sector was going well. « “. I would say that the industry is really happy about the changes that are being made, she said. [Drivers |] are really involved in all of the action plans. »

She added that drivers were always able to contest their ticket to the municipal court.