Dresses For Summer

The winter season is clearly differs from the summer in terms of clothing is concerned, since we even use the same type of clothes in summer than in winter (although more and more a lot of summer clothes also us put it in winter and almost vice versa, this last is most noticeable in boots, ankle boots and shirts with long sleeves and sweatshirts).

But, in a matter of dresses, there is a marked tendency in the summer season. The gowns boho, natives of Ibiza, shorebirds, costais.. .as they share today in the post.

This, in particular, belongs to the signature Free For Humanity, that you can follow in your profile of Instagram both your Facebook page for ordering and contact her. It’s a Parisian shop that has a few dresses, mainly, very pretty and a very good price.

The dress that I propose, long and white, cotton and fabric type cotton, highlights, besides for its color as of summer, by having all the chest embroidered in white, blue and red colors, adapts to the body with amaxilazo and you can wear them both day and night.

Day combine an an carrycot or shopping bag or even the nanobolso cowboy and the sea cucumbers of the same color; and, in the eveningsandals with heels and an small bag or clutch of fiesta as the typepurse White’s accounts or hindu bag pink Fuchsia with embroidery.

The sea cucumbers are customized by me, high-heeled Sandals areAna Locking and hindu bag is 12 petals and the Leftiesvaquerito;sunglasses are the Optics Barrau. The rings are Adamarina one, and the other a flea market; Aristocrazy clock and clock.

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