Don’t Need a Smartwatch and Not Anything Bad There Is in It, According to Matias Duarte

Since the advent of connected watches, arose two opposing currents. Those for which a smartwatch was useful and indispensable while others looked at it skeptically. It seemed that there was a certain amount of pressure to adopt technology and integrate it into our day to day, but if we don’t have it clear, nothing happens.

Matías Duarte said in an interview with Bloomberg that we don’t have to overwhelm us both with the use of the smartwatches. It may not be a product for us and There is nothing wrong with that. It is interesting to be the one who says it but thanks to speak honestly and without cutting outside that work for Google.

A comfort for a few

Duarte compares smart watches with electrical openers. For some it may be a comfort that helps to make a task that could play with an analog model. However, for others it may be something absurd and that do not add value. Whatever it is, it is clear that today they are an accessory that is not for everyone and whose use is not groundbreaking.

For Matias, computers will evolve and will be a device used to be surrounded by them and interact as naturally as we do now with applications. The analogy is interesting and shows that today the category It is attractive in factor form but not so much in the use.

That Yes, this does not mean that the smartwatches are useless. According to Duarte are a perfect tool for those who love to notifications or doing sports. After trying a few, I support what he said: it is not a product for everyone and there is nothing wrong with thinking that we can not get out.

While, the debate about if they work or not It will continue to live. That the baterian are more optimized and operating systems allow you to do more, they will be gaining weight and will serve, as some defend, as a tool to look less mobile and ending its huge presence in our daily life.