DIY: How A Dark Leather Dyed Lighter

Took time with this bag and these shoes kept waiting to make any changes to them. It was very clear that he wanted to change the color, but I do not know if you know that a dark leather by a color cannot be changed color more clearly with a dye.
If you put a red on black, dye just does not catch. I thought then painted with acrylic paint, it was an option, but I don’t know if it will hold (until you do the test) the hustle that we give them to shoes… I don’t know.

Then I thought that it was best to ask a professional, I went to the toilet and asked him. It is always the right way to ask who knows, let’s life…

And I gave the solution, a refreshing liquid that cover any color, and go if you cover, already think so. You see in the photos change more heavy is the shoes, to a gray very dark happens to vibrant red without any problem.

I have to say that I had them all with me, I thought that it fit me shoes and trot them they are a little agrietarían, because no, they hold perfectly, the skin not cracked or emerge from it cracks. The touch is very soft and has no appearance of being dyed. It is very fine to the touch.

User manual comes in the box of the product. In which I took, drying between layers is 3 minutes. To my seemed very little and allow 15 minutes between coats. In the shoes I gave 3-layer (until you see that it is well covered) because it was a very dark color. In contrast to bag I gave him 2 layers, enough.

The Steps To Follow Are:
Cover the work area with plastic. With a permanent marker paint zipper. In this case the zipper was mustard.

With the help of a small sponge paint areas of the bag you want to dye, beware of exit, leaving mark. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth when it is still cool.

Continue painting the belt bag. This step is what gives more work.But with patience you can. If the metal areas of the belt are stained cleaned equally with the wet washcloth. But in this case you can clean the metal when everything is dry. Come out very easily.

Now it’s the turn of shoes. You see the photo, with one hand just covers. But as you can see that with 3 layers covers perfectly.

And this the result is perfect!