Decorative Stickers for the Home

Do you want to change without embark on major works of painting and tapestry decoration? And if you test the wall stickers? On our site, you will find our collection. There is something for everyone: children, adults and professionals. But also for all parts of the House.

So, you can redo the interior design of your kitchen, bathroom or living room in a jiffy! All our products stick on smooth surfaces like paint, glass and wallpaper, and some can even be customized via our Web site.

Want a unique design? Customize your stickers!

We offer several models that can be customized with a name, either a text. According to your wishes, you can customize your decorative stickers with the quote from your favorite writer or a humorous message that will make you smile whenever you read. For children, we have developed a nice range of stickers for decoration of their room with drawings of fairies, bears, butterflies, and other animals that they like so much. With our wall stickers, treat yourself to an Interior which is like you and that you won’t find anywhere else!

The exclusive advantages of Stickers Center

In order to provide you with beautiful wall stickers, our team of graphic artists and designers who make original wallpaper for you at the forefront of trends. And if you don’t find your happiness among our references, do not hesitate to contact us. We can create for you a sticker that is completely customized with the drawing of your choice.
Our items are made in France, in our workshops in Mutzig in Alsace. For us, this is essential because it allows us to control our production and quality control. So, to decorate your home easily and quickly, go ahead, indulge yourself with our decorative stickers to stick on the walls.

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