Decorative Home Lighting Ideas

Easy to please the whole family and all parts of the House at Laurie light! With Family Lamp, from 4 March to 14 April 2013, for 1 lamp bought from 50 euros, you get 50% off a selection of lamps in the store! With our selection of lamps, treat your living room and your office, your little one and your husband!

Decorative Home Lighting Ideas

For a 100% design house

Decorate your dining room a graphic touch purified with the Gordium suspension and its wide band interleaved metal. Distill this spirit in the rest of the House, in an office or an entry for example with the lamp Bolight black original and contemporary to 49.50 euros instead of 99 euros!

For a show in the industrial accents

The suspension Dome black metal will be the best effect in a living room trend loft. A wink stylistic ideal also for a teen trend with the lamp Mekano room rose to 50%, a hinged lamp perfect for lighting direct and targeted.

For a kitchen and an entry in the fifties accents

For example, offer superb suspension Maxi Dallas metal colored to your kitchen to give it a vintage look. To strengthen this retro spirit in your interior, associate the table lamp Kenza look very ‘Mad men’ perfect to brighten up a console in your entry. It will also be very fun on a desk in your child’s room.

For a fancy House and a baroque style

Black and baroque, the lamp Elise -50% distilled a light felted thanks to its dark shade. A lamp store for a master bedroom elegant. The more contemporary Aurita suspension will also bring up this baroque touch. Ideal to mark an entry or decorate a refined lounge.

For the elegant House of your daughter and your living room

Give your girl a great table lamp pink Capella. His transparent Lampshade and fuchsia worked openwork patterns play with light to compose a refined room. Take the opportunity to offer you the lamp classic timeless elegance: superb base topped tinted glass of a cylindrical shade will also beautify your living room for a small price of 47.50 euros instead of 95 euros.

For a studio pop and colorful

Invite a seventies gay and vitamin spirit into your home. The superb lamp Dalu to the original ultra round curves will act as a real boosteur of Interior. With its transparent and orange structure, she instantly energizes a color to 39.50 euros instead of 79 euros as a light bubble space. For this purpose good mood in the rest of the House, combine it for example the suspension Colors. Same transparency and tint orange for a house full of good vibes!