Customized Shirts

The personalized shirts are an irreplaceable garment, which can not be missing in any male closet. The reason? Its great versatility, which allows us to use the garment in many scenarios and occasions, regardless of the time of year we are in.

We use work shirts for our workday, custom casual shirts or advertising shirts for our leisure moments, and other more sophisticated and elegant for outstanding events, such as a wedding.Formal, informal, elegant, classic or modern… there are a thousand and one perfect models to show off any style. When choosing them, these are some of the aspects to take into account.

Customized Silk Or Cotton Shirts:

Are the most frequent. Ideally, they should completely cover the extended arm, taking into account that the cuff should extend at least three centimeters from the jacket, as recommended by Lacoste, one of the most experienced firms in the production of customized shirts.

Neck tips and cuffs, always perfect: it is important that the tip of the neck of the personalized shirts are rigid, so that they can peel off slightly. Also, the cuffs, French or double, should look impeccable. If we want our shirt to have a distinguished effect, we can use twins.

Advertising Shirt With Tie:

If a shirt is always to be worn with a tie, it should be tested with this complement and make a neck adjustment test, to see whether or not it remains flawless. On the contrary, advertising shirts, which are usually worn without a tie, usually have buttons on the neck.

Different colors depending on the use: for a working environment they usually choose white or blue work shirts, with stripes or smooth, but always in light tones. However, other colors, such as pink or purple, are becoming more fashionable, which contribute to giving a modern touch to a spring shirt so casual.

With Prints And Jeans:

Work shirts with tartan or woodcut style shirts, as well as floral prints and tops, or shirts made with cowhide, are not very suitable for work, so leave them for a more informal atmosphere.

On the contrary, if what we are looking for is to soften a little the classic air of the garment, but without losing an apex of elegance, we can use colored buttons as a wink of modernity.