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Customizable Wall Clocks

A large clock to customize

The clock customize Crayons offer the originality of its form (colored pencils are arranged around the mechanism) together with a classic dial.

The 12 crayons that make up the form an original dial and provide real comfort reading. The whole forms a large clock (76 x 73 cm) which will dress your wall with great joke.

The parts of the clock pencils are Plexiglas colors of 3 mm thick attached to the wall around the watch mechanism by adhesive. The central part is fixed to the wall with a small hook.

  • A mounting template is provided to you for easy installation of your clock.

Choose the colors of your clock!

It’ll just choose the site Our site the 3 colors of the 30 possible from our color chart and you’ll get a personalized pencils clock to your taste and in harmony with your interior. 2 additional options (color of the needles and model of the clock mechanism) will give you the opportunity to further customize your clock.

  • It will be delivered for free in 5 to 7 days after confirmation of your order for a very affordable price (from 89 euros).

A beautiful clock trompe l’oeil

This amazing and original clock, which entertain many friends, gives the illusion that there is a giant crack 40 x 96 cm on your wall.

  • By skillfully playing on the contrast of colors, you can create a striking effect that will engage all your visitors.

The clock customizable crack is composed of Plexiglas pieces of colored 3 mm which are placed on the wall with adhesive around a central mechanism which itself is set by a small hook.

A wide choice of colors to customize your clock

You have a choice of 3 colors among 30 proposed to customize your wall clock on the site Also set the color of the needles and the clock mechanism type, and you get a unique and playful clock low price (89 euros of shipping included) which will be delivered to you 5-7 days after confirming your command.

The template and the little manual supplied with the clock will allow you to attach with ease. Feel free to read the article: How to install a customizable clock?

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