Custom T-Shirts, Printing Designs

Custom t-shirts bring a unique identity to the wearer, because you know that the print of the shirt is unique.Now, there are so many designs, drawings, typographies, messages, motifs, logos, icons as the imagination allows.However for all we want a result of economic quality.

Whether we want to apply a rocker print, floral or vintage motif to our personalized T-shirt or simply want a message, the printing technique must be taken care of to the utmost. In Impacto33 we make a quick diagnosis to find the most suitable printing technique, in which we save time, resources and, of course, money.

Many times we look for a more handmade result in our personalized t-shirt , which is more natural, with a more artistic, unique drawing.Then, the best technique, when they are few quantities, the digital, although you can combine more than one technique.The most common is silk-screening .Sometimes, when the shirt is black, we must make a reserve of white to apply the color over and get a perfect finish.In addition the colors gold and metallized have a special treatment in its finish.

The most important thing to get a good result in personalized t-shirts is to have a good design , creation or illustration and to get right with the use of the technique of printing that more party is going to get you to that idea and illustration.These are the great secrets of custom t-shirts.

The personalized t-shirts can be not only functional, but also have their own style, to be a nice garment to wear and that, Why not?Mark trend.But so important is the design and creation that is beautiful, with a consistency in both style and correct with the technique of stamping more suitable t-shirts.

It is not the same to print a T-shirt with a full color photograph that, stamping a design based on 2 colors of profiles. It is also important that the print managers have knowledge also in the field of graphic design to give each design, each drawing its treatment of printing. We ensure that the result is quality and cheap. A print design!