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Custom Sleeping Bag

When talking about the trip short and long that we decided to get some sleep in the “adventurer” ie bivouac in a shelter, a tent under a tarp (tarp used to protect you from the rain) or just outside you will need to bring a sleeping bag suitable.

I say appropriate because you can imagine very well that depending on your destination it will influence the choice of sleeping bag . This element both essential and vital is not to be taken lightly.

I speak knowingly because during my output in the Aude in the month of January I had not thought enough about it (it was super good daytime) and the night was cold and I had to only companion a sleeping bag comfortable 10 degrees (S10 Down Decathlon). That night he froze.This dangerous mistake could have gone wrong.

Fortunately, I had the reflex “survival blanket” (real not the stamp that we want to sell you) and “mats” which allowed me to wait in the morning after a long night loneliness without reaching hypothermia… in a case like this where we say but “what I’m stupid” not to be rude… in the month of January from (even in small mountains) with a sleeping bag with this low heat capacity is a stupidity without name. But with the good experiences and bad that we learn even if sometimes it’s at his expense. Therefore, through this personal experience I would like to challenge you on that.

To start through this “test / experience feedback / advice,” I want to demystify a subject: the sleeping bag “goes everywhere and perfect” does not exist! We can not imagine having a sleeping bag for both the mountain (even in summer) and temperate zones. This is why you will need if you decide to attend disparate areas to invest in two or three different sleeping bag. Sure it at a cost (which can therefore be quickly) but that the safety and well being is not necessarily quantifiable do you want (and you will catch up deleting your subscription satellite channel for example ).

If you are not attending to very cold areas, a good compromise is to opt for a 0 degree and 10 degree comfort comfort to the temperate zones . With this, you will take what we call a “sleeping bag”. This sleeping bag is not made to carry your burger for lunch but you put into it. The meat in the story is you!

This “bag” is usually made of pure silk. You will insert the necessary in your bag. It will bring about an increase in temperature of about 5 degrees if it is good (less if it’s cold) which can change everything! The benefits are multiple adopt a meat bag.

In addition to providing an improvement in the conservation of your warmth, this bag will allow you to avoid soiling your duvet and he then wash (cold) which will extend the life of your sleeping bag! One can imagine also a hot night does not need a sleeping bag. In this case, the silk bag will act as a army sleeping bag system featured on Pimasleepingbags! Especially a meat bag weighs only a few grams. I opted for the decathlon it must be said for the interest cost (L Sarco for 25 €).

For those wishing to face colder temperatures, a sleeping bag with a comfortable lying to the-10-15 see may be a good choice. Opt in this case always for a down of high quality because at these temperatures the liquid water is never very present. Beyond these temperatures there are bags that can afford to sleep in good conditions. One thing is certain, these bags are very expensive and it is better to turn to a specialist outlets “great cold s’ before embarking on such very perilous adventures for survival. At the very high end, you can look at the side of the Triple Zero brand. Made in France and quality at the rendezvous!

I] Choose a good sleeping bag is also able to read and test the product before buying it

You decided? You think that a sleeping bag that can sleep comfortably at 0 degrees is essential to your output? Let’s start with the size sleeping bag should be neither too large nor too small under penalty of a risk in terms of heat.Too bag will be hard to warm up your body so that too little will not cover you complétemen t and may be compressed by the inside where a drop in temperature. Do not hesitate to ask to unpack the bag to the store and look at its swelling. You also prefer a “bag-type sarcophagus” to optimize the heat management. Continue our purchasing watching the labels and trying to decipher them. On the cover, it speaks of “Comfort, risk andextreme” how to decipher and avoid falling into traps.

If we reflect a little on these terms we can say that comfort “we will sleep well “risk” we may have a little cold “and extreme” it will be cold  .” This is about right but if you think about sleeping with temperatures near 0 degrees ABSOLUTELY must retain the degree of “comfort”.

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