Crystal Lighting with Transparencies

If this vacation want to take advantage of them to give a twist to your home décor and maximize space, you can do it with advice on transparencies and lighting Tecno Lite you shared.

A trend that has been seen in interior decoration is transparency. Place objects or transparent luminaries will get renewed appearance in addition to providing the feeling of larger spaces.

Luminaires with transparencies, they possess materials similar to glass, but most resistant, durable and excellent presentation, among them are OP-8086/CTL and CTL – 8092/OP, models for example.

Another advantage of the slides is that they subtly bring to decoration, since they do not compete with other objects, such as

Crystal Lighting with Transparencies

furniture or artwork.

Transparencies in the atmosphere give depth, light, space, brightness and cleanliness: welcome in any area attributes, more for a home.

Translucent objects make game perfectly with modern, simple and bright contemporary decoration styles. Moreover, in small areas this is ideal, as the spaces appear lighter, more clear and more broadly.

To complement your transparent decoration we recommend products YD-144/CT, CT-142/YD, some suspended as the CTL-8100/S, or the decorative ceiling PTL-1650/S.

We encourage you to choose from more options with our dealers Tecno Lite, so you fill out your favorite spaces of light. Surprise you and yours with the result!