Crochet Bikini 2016

The hook shows up with everything! And is not that of Vovó in crochet bikini and fashion already amongst the famous and comes to stay easy to integrate the beach looks like, the game will be also good day and evening events, in addition to the most outrageous outfits composed in the cropped style.

According to the designer and stylist Gabrieli Vargas, the valuation by hand or made by hand and one of the reasons for the bikini being on the rise “That kind of work of exclusive pieces of fashion”, he said.

For her, this trend is related to the ease of innovate at the time when the quick mode is so much force, it is difficult to get looks to escape the ordinary and that 50 people are not the same, the station pieces super trendy handmade, with details, embroidery, and apps, says.

More snout beyond epilation: leave the area ready for bikini learn to pitch your makeup for the beach here is how to choose bikinis for every body type.

Crochet bikini and trend

In summer 2016, bikinis crochet backpack in more modern patterns and bold colors repaginados the trend already in the body of the bloggers most famous teenage parents Flavia Pavanelli, with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, and one of them.

What this highest and a model of lycra with only bordinhas crochet colorful, said the stylist, however, the traditional summer, who did the whole, is still with the importance and remember one thing: invest in the lining! Nothing to show private parts around, don’t

Already cropped versions combine with shorts and skirts Sao perfect for a modern look, there are models that have most of the top swimmer of style they are a treat with a denim shorts or a skirt Sao look must be summer! Said Gabrieli

Discount Muse shaped Gabriela Pugliesi, style and not new follower of the handmade pieces, she has posted a video Snapchat his cult by Visual during a photo shoot for the catalog of the brand Brazilian, she joked it would steal the look.

Use of bikini in crochet

The choice depends on the model and always good to choose the version that matches your body type modeling best are so many that you won’t find it difficult to find the best option.

The only drawback, and for girls with breasts and buttocks oversized bathing suits, halter bikinis can give the impression of a larger body, however, of course, and a preference of question if you are in this group and love to flaunt voluptuous body, can bet on the hook too!

Ready to rock in the summer tell us what your model and crochet favorite bikini! And take the time to complete the look with hair and make-up done look healthier life.

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