Criteria For Choosing Toys

There are no uniform criteria for choosing an ideal toy for children. But in general terms, it must strengthen its intelligence, encourage their creativity and forge their desire to discover and course, play.

However, every child is a different universe and all children of the same age will not necessarily have the same tastes, interests, or will be drawn to the same objects.

Thus, if we know well the small, we must ask ourselves premises such as the following:

  1. possibilities for toys

The first thing to do is read the recommended age of every toy in the same box. With only observe the small details, we will bring us an idea of the range of toys that could be of interest to the child

  1. preferences for toys

It is necessary to observe the child and focus on what he likes about playing and thus determine your preferences, what you like, what calls attention. If we add this to a toy recommended for someone of his age, we have practically buying the ideal toy.

For example, if you like your child to play families, give small dolls or a family of animals. If it is a baby and stays tuned for how to turn on and turn off the light switch, a cause-effect toy could use you.

Even better, if it is that everything you place in the mouth and bites it, dale a teether, rubber dolls… etc. And if you love bright colors, any brightly colored toy sit him well. On the other hand, if it is to grab objects and throw away them, the rubber balls are indicated more.

If you like to look for hidden things, can give you a game of snap objects and if the songs rather like amusic box. If likes to go exploring on land and water, a small rake and your cube will be your toy more suitable and whether the pampering you like a puppet or a stuffed animal.

All of this if it’s infants 0 to 2 years. But if they are babies who already walk and are more independent, needs change. To those wicked people who like to run, a swing or a slide it could use you. They are also recommended for that age buckets, shovels, buckets of plastic, foam balls, musical instruments, games with springs, phones, cars, ride, mats, recorded tales or children’s music CDs.

For children 2 to 6 years we can think of bowling games, rings for stringing, tricycles, skateboards, clay, paintings, puzzles, kitchenettes, blackboards, paintings, etc. In the case of children over 6 years old, they already have clear about what they want and ask parents for their favorite toys.

  1. toys that already has.

If we know well our children and know what you like, we can expand your collection of dolls or cars or renew your long list of toys and opt for something new for him.

We stress that it is good to know what you like. For example, if the small is a fan of a particular brand of dolls, we can give the latest model of the same and enrich their variety. But if we are more interested in the imitation game, we can provide you with a kitchenette. That Yes, always look for toys to give rein to imagination and not make everything for children, since it limits them.

Another important point is that the child always has games that can perform as a team, to forge friendships or family ties with children his age.

  1. the toy safety

That toy will give us all the security measures is important, as there are brands that don’t care enough on the market these details.

This should take into account the material that was prepared, because it should not be toxic to touch or in case of being swallowed. Also, the pieces should not be so small to avoid being swallowed. Take into account that children like disassemble toys to see how they work inside, so you have to prevent this by buying objects that do not damage them by the fact to disarm them and their parts are not too small.

We must also take into account whether the paint will Peel, and if it can poison the small. Check that the toy is well polished and their edges are not sharp.

For example, the dolls with wires may be hazardous, as those who have eyes easy to swallow and be ingested. We must also be alert with those promotions of some products that offer tattoos bracelets or marbles, or water-proof, because we do not know its origin and if they can cause damage to the smallest.

And most importantly: don’t let alone to children when they play. They must be always with the supervision of an adult who take care of their integrity.

  1. how much fun that can be a toy.

In addition to the benefits it can afford, we must not forget that those who interact with the toy children are and what they seek, above all, is to have a fun time, so let’s not forget that the toy must be not merely educational and highly entertaining if we give them more tasks that already have school and is complicated too use it they will end up quitting.

We must not forget that to the well-being and happiness the child through a toy, we build their security in itself.

  1. the practicality of a toy.

A toy should be practical. Easy to transport, nothing heavy, simple to save, that doesn’t require constant change battery for example, which is not too large, because the idea is that the child can take care of it without problems.

  1. the beauty of a toy

For a small, everything goes by the sight, and if the toy isn’t it enough beautiful, attractive and eye-catching, not want you to use it. In addition, it must be made of materials as natural as possible, such as cotton, Cork, wood or flax.