Cost of New Apple Smart Watch

As we have written in a special article for iWatch, the long-awaited smart watch Apple’s long been a media star, although it is not known whether this will be his name, much less know whether it exists. Along with all this information fog broke and deafening cacophony of rumors, fabrications nonsense, fortune telling, logical assumptions and already quite humorous parody creations.

This time it comes to the popular leading Dzhimmi Kimmel, who has decided to present a new watch Apple’s pedestrian boulevard by famed “Hollywood” (Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA). The place is a favorite location for showman jokes with passing that often give “interviews” on various issues that are often associated with new products from Apple. Actually show people Casio watch is about $ 20, but it does not bother interviewed because his back has the logo of Apple. Excited reactions you can see in the video.

Conclusion: On the “Apple” does not have a smart watch that define the segment. And just have a nice logo that would sell millions of copies with user guide.

“If it’s Apple, it’s good, right?” Right?

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