Company Creates Ink that Makes Your Bike Shine at Night

New technology allows cyclists to pedal at night without fear of being seen by cars

There are several ways to equip yourself for a safe-night bike ride: lights, ribbons and special clothing are some of the most common solutions. The problem is when the lights are over, or the bicycle accessories are at home.

Aiming at the convenience and safety, Emily Thibodeau, owner of a trade and bicycle workshop in Boston, in the United States, invented a way to transform a bike into a “great reflector”. Its new company, Hub Powderworks, covers bicycle frames with a super-reflective special ink.

This new technology consists of hundreds of thousands of microspheres that are present in the ink and that, when they are incorporated into the coating, they can reflect the light back to their source instead of diffusing it, as the common ink does. Powder ink also does not use solvents and other chemicals that may be harmful to the environment, according to manufacturers.

Nowadays, the special ink is manufactured only in the gray color that, overnight, with reflected light, has bluish and highly glossy appearance. However, the use of nocturnal lights at the bikeĀ  is still very encouraged so that the cyclist is actually seen when pedaling during the night.

The big problem of this new ink is its cost, since the coating of a bicycle does not leave for less than $ $329, besides the fact that the company only acts in the United States. The Powderworks Hub’s idea is to reduce this value by making it more affordable to the consumer from expanding the company and new investments.

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