Cisco Cius: Tablet PC For Business Customers

The American provider Cisco wants to confront theiPad with the Cius Tablet PC . The Tablet PC will be equipped with the operating system Android.

TheIntel Atom Processor with 1.6 GHz, the necessary performance gives the Cius. Battery life, which is to be 8 hours according to the manufacturer, ensures long power independent sessions. A 32 GigaByte Flash memory, UMTS, Wi-Fi 802.11 n Standard and Bluetooth 3.0 are additional features of the Cisco Cius Tablet PC. The release date of the Cius is estimated to be in early 2011. Still no exact figures have been made to the price of the Cisco Cius Tablet PC.

The smber has cut the Tablet PC in terms of video on its own applications. With a 5 megapixel camera on the back and one 720

Cisco Cius Tablet PC For Business Customers

p camera, which is ready to make recordings in HD mode, the Tablet PC is ideal for video conferences suitable. So who is Cisco TelePresence software be integrated. Other applications such as Cisco Cisco show and share, Cisco Quad or WebEx Connect will be available on the device. Thus it can be integrated excellently environments in the other Cisco business. Thus the Cius for business users especially interesting is, the Communications Manager is to be preinstalled. This ensures that at companies where Cisco Software is already used, the Cius Tablet PC could be more interesting than the iPad.

A docking station with integrated phone will take over for the battery of the Cius Tablet PC at the same time charging functions. Outside of the Office links to mobile networks of 3 G and 4 G standards can be manufactured. Thus the Cisco Cius could specifically in the business area to become a serious competitor for the iPad.