Choosing the Right Size Pearl Earrings

Love the pearls but you have no idea what the market or what to match your wedding dress?Follow our tips to choose the best pearl earrings.

The jewelry for the bride is an accessory must be renounced, which by tradition, at least once, was honored by the in-laws to the future daughter-in-law. Once they were pearls today in practice many different jewelry and unfortunately very often poor quality or too flashy trinkets cheapen everything even a very simple dress. Today, traditionally, we take care of pearls, pearl earrings, and in particular with some advice from to choose those best suited to the dress.

Ideal for a bride very sober and elegant look that points to a classic, Pearl Earrings are the chic accessory with a very refined allure can enhance even a sloppy dress. Some brides instead prioritize still classic lighting or Swarovski jewelry.

How to choose Pearl Earrings

Brides who don’t like accessories and jewelry too vistosi, can simply click a few buttons, desired size, to accompany a hairstyle pinned that leaves on display the outlines of the face. If the day of the wedding, instead, you have opted for a less stringent combing, perhaps leaving your long hair loose on her shoulders, you can also opt for a pair of earrings always in pearls but with a most striking frame, maybe surrounded by a giro d glitter, or even drop earrings or chandelier. Alternatively a button with a small light spot from which descends a Pearl. But if you decided to pin the hair, mix and match to suit a pair of earrings that are easier to attach, where appropriate, to a round of beads to wear around your neck.

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