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Choosing Baby Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag, comforter or sleeping bag … Is there a difference between all of these names?

And no … it is in all cases the same great product: really smart this little sleeping bag, designed for baby’s comfort and safety.

What is a baby sleeping bag?

After comparing, weighed, studied for decades on what angle, what face, what baby position would be lying, doctors finally decided: Your baby should sleep on their backs, and only on the back (promised Granny, this once this is good! …). But especially the doctors concluded that baby had to sleep without pillows or blankets, all to its security and to its least 18 months.

But then how to keep warm without sheets or blankets?
It was there that the idea of bundling up in a small lightweight sleeping bag designed by PIMASLEEPINGBAGS to his measure, a “sleeping bag” that covers completely and allow it to wriggle (and … yes!) Safely during the night.
Easy to put on like a garment over the pajamas (or simply a small body of cotton summer nights), baby can sleep peacefully without ever discovered.

What sleeping bag for all seasons?

The sleeping bag, there are for all seasons like comforters, because it is important that baby is neither too cold nor too warm while sleeping.
Cozy and we usually find for the winter, warmer and usually fitted with hoses, special sleeping bag was lightweight and without fleece and sleeping bags suitable for all year round for a T ° C to constant room between 18 and 20 ° C.

The selection criterion -at beyond the seasonal mainly that of the T ° C of the baby room: doctors recommend a T ° C between 18 and 20 ° C, and a good humidity.
To guide you in your choice of sleeping bag, here is a summary table:

The sleeping bag Little Shrimp

Little Shrimp also offers a choice of baby sleeping bags adapted to each season.

In mid-season, a sleeping bag and padded sleeveless remains the ideal product. Our midseason All models have a heat level corresponding to a 2.5 tog.
Next T ° C of the baby room, you modulerez baby clothes so that it is not too hot nor too cold.
If the T ° C of your baby’s room is rather stable between 18 and 20 ° C throughout the year, you do not need other gig that one.
Baby can indeed sleep with a cotton body and a velvet pajamas when it’s colder.
When spring comes, you can replace the velvet pajamas pajamas jersey by more lightweight.
And finally you can also let baby sleep just body with his sleeping bag when it gets a little warmer.

View our collection of sleeping bags every season
For winter, Little Shrimp chose to offer you sleeping bags with sleeves, though cozy in soft and warm fleece lined or fur blanket inside …
Optionally, some winter sleeping bags even have removable sleeves adapted according to bedtime or after the season: sleeveless for naps during the day or when the season permits, and with sleeves for the long winter nights …

The plus Little Shrimp: our sleeping bags winter with sleeves are very flexible for babies inches are not embarrassed!

In the summer, when temperatures exceed 25 ° C, it is also important to ensure that baby is not too covered if baby can fall asleep just with a small body, he might wake up in the night when air suddenly cools … So choose a light sleeping bag without batting so that it passes a peaceful night …
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Our summer sleeping bags are fresh cotton but also exist in washed linen! A magnificent range of 5 modern colors in soft washed linen and soft for baby pampered…
See our sleeping bags were made of linen.

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