Choosing an LED Flashlight

Innovation in LED lighting field is no longer limited to fixed lighting. Flashlights, too, are equipped with LEDs. During a power outage, to look for something that you dropped or to light your way during a night hike, LED pocket lamp is undoubtedly a tool to always have at home. And the LED flashlight is much more efficient than a conventional flashlight. Security professionals have already adopted it for their nightly rounds.

What are the criteria for choosing an LED flashlight?

We do not choose a random lamp LED torch. There are criteria that it is better known, that the purchase corresponds with the use we want to do. A push button on the back or on the side allows you to turn on or off the lamp.

Light power

The primary endpoint displayed on the packaging of flashlights is the light power as defined on Gary Flashlights. It is displayed in Lumens and determines the illuminating power. The hue of light is important because the more it is cold and the amount of light emitted is important. The most commonly used color is 1A, corresponding to a pretty cool white.

Good to know: most models have several operating modes: full power, energy saving and snapshot to report its position, but SOS and strobe for some.

The lamp range

Then comes the scope of the lamp, which is indicated in meters. This is a rather vague concept, because depending on the manufacturer, it determines the distance at which an object is still discernible, but also the distance that the light beam is always visible.

Weight and dimensions

Weight and dimensions are also very important. A torch must be held at the end of the problem without arms. As for its size, we appreciate that it can fit in a pocket. Manufacturers work hard on ergonomics products to improve their grip.

The lamp power

Another criterion is the ability to use rechargeable batteries or not. Some flashlights operate exclusively on batteries while others offer a choice. The operating submitted by manufacturers are included between 5 and 10 hours, depending on the lamp operation power.

What are the characteristics of the LED flashlight?

His advantages

Compared to incandescent flashlights, LED models are very interesting as they offer a higher luminous power and do not heat up. In addition, LED flashlights are energy efficient which ensures greater autonomy. Is not the most important for a flashlight? And finally, the miniaturization of lamps possible thanks to LED technology gives you more light in less space!


The LED flashlight has still some drawbacks. Its main weakness is its price . It is much higher than that of an incandescent lamp. Also look out for quality differences which have a direct impact on the quality of lighting and the heating lamp.

Where to buy a LED flashlight and at what price?

All DIY stores, supermarkets but also websites dedicated to outdoor activities offer LED flashlights. Prices vary widely depending on the size of the lamp but also its power. There are LED flashlights from 25 €.

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