Choosing a Bathroom Rug

A mat under the sink and a rug at the foot shower are habitual complements presence in our bathrooms. In these positions are indispensable instruments to preserve the floor of our bathroom from the massive spill of water or by the fall of those products to which we routinely use in our rituals of wellness and beauty.

The bath mats are first of all characterized by a non-slip backing.

Being the bathroom the place where you are more in contact with the water, to ensure the safety of the landlord is good use non-slip mats, which will avoid annoying and dangerous accidents in the home.

In the bathroom defined by digopaul, also, better short-pile carpets. This is because it is easier to keep them clean and refresh them every time.

From an aesthetic standpoint the only rule to follow is to combine prints and colors of the carpets to the main tones of the floor and coatings of our bathroom.

In a neutral colors, including beige and white, it is made of the model with the central heart Co.Ingros. Tex.

A carpet of medium size (50 cm to 80 cm), equipped with non-slip substrate, and printing short hair to the heart with the surface of contour dots.

The combination of white light tones and beige and the romantic image portrayed, make this model a complement that can exalt a bathroomdecorated in a classic style as modern.

More modern, cheerful and lively model Made in Itlay, with circles in relief fur shaggy ARREDIAMOINSIEME.

It is a rectangular mat, with non-slip substrate and characterized by a fantasy of circles in long pile surface.

The bright colors of geometric shapes and the protrusions and recesses game, created by the combination of the short and background shaggy fur coat inside the circles, are elements that make this model a very dynamic and original carpet.

The parent company has thought well to make it in eight different colors to suit every taste: blue, light blue, light pink, hot pink, gray, green, beige and orange.

Classical, fine and elegant the proposed Home Textiles with his Greek Sets.

A set of 3 bath mats (washbasin and toilet) characterized by a perimeter geometric decoration in greek style.

The set is available in many colors: teal, purple, light green, turquoise, pink, light blue, blue, red, white, yellow, cream.

The possibilities offered to the landlord are essentially two: one is to maintain linearity and traditional nature adorned the original bathroom resorting, in choosing the carpet set, to a neutral color; the other is to focus on the classicism of the model chosen, but the expectations and breaking the traditional mold with a touch of bright color.

In either case, elegance and style they are still guaranteed.

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