Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body Shape

The bikini is a swimsuit woman in two parts: an upper and a lower. Generally, there is a triangular top with matching strains. But there are several types of high swimsuit. He has to decide to mark his top shirt to his chest. There are also different types of bottom swimsuit woman. It should not swimsuit with Brazil to be confused with the Shorty Boxer or Tanga. To help you the difference between all of this, here is some information and advice. So you can just select your bikini area with all types of bikini proposed collection swimsuit woman this season.

The upper swimsuit

The top triangle bikini is a classic in the field of bikini. It has often removable foam to reinforce the neck. It is suitable for small breasts. This is the highest swimsuit women bag. It raises the shoulders of those who wear them. You want a less traditional swimsuit top? The shaped upper band is for you. It is often twisted. It can be worn with or without a tie for a better tan. It is very trendy. It is ideal for small breasts and have a nice heart-shaped cutout. It tends to smooth generous breasts. You want a superbly carved neck? Pick up balconette push upwards. It has the property of perfect plump breast. He formed and sublime with its fittings.

The lower swimsuit

The Shorty is a lower swimsuit woman. It is smaller than shorts. It is very short and stops just above the buttocks. The Shorty with high waist increases, optical effect, the volume of the hips and hides any tummy. Bikinis for sale is recommended for women since it tends lush pack their generous curves. The thong is a lower swimsuit very sour. It is located between the classic Bad panties and thong bathing places. The tanga differs from its shares back band is much broader. It is more or less engaged sensuously on the thighs. A large part of the buttocks uncovered. Symmetry between the front and rear are, up to the point that it is difficult to distinguish the direction of insertion. The slip below Brazilian swimsuit woman’s bathing suite between Tanga and String. Half of the rash is covered. The string bottom Swimsuit ultra sexy woman consists of a triangular front and a thin strip on the back. The buttocks are fully discovered. Adopt bikini. Vary the heights and depths of the swimsuit to beautiful, desirable, sexy and irresistible beaches.

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