Choose a Bikini for Your Body Type

Summer is coming and emerges as soon as anxiety to enjoy the sandy beach and get in the mood with a lot of style, a sure thing and how to choose a bikini for every body type.

It should be noted that the stereotype of the body perfect this low today, fortunately, more and more women to embrace their natural beauty and shave there the following tips will facilitate the moment of choice, but in the end, the main rule and to focus on what makes feel you good.

The bikini for every body type

The diversity of models in bikinis cause confusion and (much) indecision in so choice, a few simple tips can help you make this game that suits best to your curves, a big success at the next station departure:

For leaner women, models with the engravings dao impression of more volume removal and alternatives already excellent those who want a more sober look can bet on smooth metal detail parts or a rope to make a difference

Women with smaller breasts can leverage models more closely to the breasts, giving the illusion of volume of shower curtain, single front or Ithaca half are good options with bulge pieces are also very popular and support pleasant CAD prints also contribute

More swimwear bandeau at bikiniwill: Learn how to use the sea learn to pitch your makeup for the Sereismo beach is one of the bets for the summer 2016

For those who have large breasts, worth investing in the models with good support as well as ensuring a more beautiful appearance, are more comfortable so bikinis choice with support just below of the bump and avoid strapless models

The largest panties (hot pants) are most popular among Brazilian disguise and aid grease

Among women with small glutes, lower print panties CAD more volume related side model also and Ja alternative accurate among those with a stick at the top, and safer to choose pieces with wide side and sober colours a tip and opt for top printed by diverting the attention on the neck

Trends for the summer 2016

National gateways provided for what should be a fever on the sand of the Brazilian beaches next summer every season, new invade female fashion and pleasure of chicks Watch highlights for 2016

new heights

If until now the models without straps, shower curtain or half Ithaca were the big stars of the beaches, next year the bet is for the new models of Maiorzinhos in mind with a cropped print, they’re coming ciganinha, turtleneck neck, only front, trapeze and so the shoulder

all natural

natural fabrics promise to invade the Brazilian beach wear silk crepe of the, linens and many others appear in the two super delicados details throughout the play

many print

Just like last season, the impressions are the real protagonists of the summer 2016 one of the most consistent betting on the track was the design of Palm

Could put this bikini looks best on your body forward this summer type leave a comment! And take the time to complete the look with hair and make-up done look healthier life.

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